Oregon Football: New Uniforms Rumor Picking Up Steam for Ducks

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2012

For a while, I have been predicting that the Ducks will continue to follow their three-year pattern and break out some new uniforms this year.

In the past, the Ducks have made it clear that change was coming by wearing the new style during the regular season, but this year they did not follow that trend.

Instead, the team wore a new style of uniform in the Rose Bowl, which got many people thinking.

As the offseason has dragged on, Duck fans are becoming more and more hungry for news with the start of the season approaching. 

While we continue to wait for the season to start and see if the rumors are true, Duck fans may have received confirmation via the twitter world.

New Duck Pharaoh Brown, who just committed to Oregon this past February, posted this tweet:

With this simple tweet, it becomes obvious that the Ducks will make a change.

In my opinion, you will see them wearing the same uniforms they had on in the Rose Bowl. The difference will be that the Ducks will have all of the colors at their disposal and have the ability to mix and match with all of the helmet options they have.

If you like the constant change then get ready, the new uniforms are on their way. If you are on the other side of the fence, maybe it is time to close your eyes because the Ducks will continue to push their tradition; change. 


Joe Penkala is a B/R National Featured Columnist who covers college football. You can contact him @joepenkala.