Game Preview: Alabama vs. Florida

Teddy WilliamsContributor IMarch 10, 2008

On March 13th, the Alabama Crimson Tide will face the two-time defending national champions as well as the three-time defending Sec champions, Florida Gators. 

It has been a let down season for both teams, even though one of those teams has been mediocre at best for the last couple seasons. 

If I was a gambling man, my last silver dollar would be confidently placed on the Gators for this match up. 

Needless to say, this is a must win for the national champs who find themselves on the notorious "bubble". They will be facing a team that has shown no significant signs of a well coached team. 

The Crimson Tide have, on more than one occasion, laid down in the second half, allowing the other team to slowly but surely pull away. 

First example: Their first SEC conference game against the Florida Gators.  The Gators have closed this season on somewhat of a down note after a surprisingly impressive start by a bunch of freshman and sophomores. 

They have had big wins against Vandy and Kentucky (both games were played in Gainesville) but ended the season with a .500 SEC record. 

The Gators, however, do have two tremendous things going for them:

 1.They are playing in Atlanta. where the have won the SEC tournaments for the last three years and a national championship on top of that

2.They are playing Alabama. 

The Gators will romp and chomp as they have for the last three years and will certainly make a dramatic surge in the somewhat paradoxical SEC conference tournament.  Rest assured, Billy "The Kid" Donovan did not turn down millions of dollars from the Orlando Magic to get his dancing shoes taking off by a 5-11 Crimson Tide.