WWE Monday Night Raw: The 7 Best Announcers Ever on Raw

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJuly 5, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw: The 7 Best Announcers Ever on Raw

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    To make a professional wrestling show work, the wrestlers are obviously key, but the announcers can be just as important. They can take an awful match or segment and somehow make it bearable.

    As WWE Monday Night Raw prepares to reach its 1,000th episode, it seems the announcers can be lost in the shuffle of everything that has happened over the last 19 years.

    There have been so many different pairings of announcers that it can be nearly impossible to trace them all back over the years. Still, there are some announcers that the audience remembers because of what they brought to the table.

    Here are the seven best announcers ever on WWE Monday Night Raw.

CM Punk

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    This was a tough call between CM Punk and Joey Styles. Punk got the nod because Styles worked best as a sole announcer.

    Punk’s amazing ability to talk was shown in his short stint as an announcer. His edginess left the audience with an honest feeling.

    When he spoke, it seemed like he was just speaking his mind and not repeating what the WWE officials wanted him to say.  

Josh Mathews

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    Josh Mathews took his failed attempt to win the Tough Enough competition and turned it into being an announcer. He started as an announcer on Velocity and matured into this spot nicely over the years.

    He honed his craft and has earned his spot on the roster. He is a believable announcer as he is portrayed as someone who can be easily pushed around by the wrestlers.

Vince McMahon

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    Before Vince McMahon was a major heel character on Raw, he was an announcer. McMahon knew how to push a storyline and how to make the moments in the ring seem real.

    The energy was there and it probably helped that he is the boss and had nobody yelling in his headset for what to say.

    His early days as an announcer would help shape one of the greatest characters in the business, known as Mr. McMahon.  

Paul Heyman

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    From the boss of ECW to the WWE announce team, Paul Heyman brought the extreme. His brashness and loud demeanor made him a perfect fit.

    Heyman has a passion for the business and whatever company he was working for at the time, he showed it.

    He was loud and had a cult following with the ECW fans, which helped bring more to the table.

Bobby Heenan

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    The greatest manager in the wrestling business did it again as an announcer. Heenan joined McMahon as the second group of commentators in the history of Raw.

    Heenan could be described as the first heel announcer on Raw, bringing a whole new dynamic to the show. No longer were the announcers showing sympathy for the face wrestlers and hating the heels.

    Heenan flipped everything upside down, making it all right to cheer for the bad guy.

Jerry Lawler

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    Jerry Lawler is the greatest wrestler to ever transition to an announcer role. For almost 15 continuous years, he has been one of the voices of Raw.

    His heel-like antics eventually won the crowd over and he would become a face.

    Lawler has had some memorable moments on Raw, many of which have come when he mocks a wrestler or has an outlandish comment about a female wrestler, which only the older audience understands.  

Jim Ross

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    For a long time, Gordon Solie was the greatest announcer in the history of professional wrestling. Then Jim Ross came along and the rest was history.

    There is no announcer that can tell a story like Ross does. He is without question the greatest man to ever call a wrestling match.

    There is no one in his league who is capable of passing on their knowledge and love for the business as he does.