Dear Brewer Fans, Can We Please Take Back Miller Park?

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIFebruary 15, 2009

Dear Milwaukee Brewers Fans,

I'm sure you all know the feeling; you walk down the aisle to your regular seats and expect to see the familiar season ticket-holding young gentleman whom you have gotten to know well over the past few seasons.

You have exchanged information about each other and enjoyed friendly conversations during each game at which you see each other.

But when you take your seat, you notice something different. Instead of the familiar face of a Brewer fan, what you see is a person from directly south on I-94—a Chicago Cubs fan!

Selling tickets to Cubs fans has become a common pattern recently. Apparently, Brewer fans don't want to be a part of a possible Cubs victory and face the taunting or they don't want to see a gaggle of Cubs fans at their home ballpark in first person.

This is an absolutely terrible sight if you are one of the people who remains loyal to your team. For the Brewers to be successful in this heated rivalry against the Cubs, they need as much support as they can get.

And selling your tickets to Cubs fans won't help the cause.

My proposal to fans of the Milwaukee Brewers is to help take back Miller Park. The worst things that can happen to a Brewers fans are losing, a racing sausage getting drilled by an opposing player, and seeing 20,000 Cubs fans at Miller Park for a BREWERS GAME!

Brewers fans are some of the best fans in baseball, and we are too loyal to allow Cubs fans to buy our tickets.

Taking back Miller Park means no selling tickets to anyone but Brew Crew fans, buying your tickets before opposing fans, cheering louder than usual, even for the littlest of things, chanting louder than opposing fans, and proudly displaying Brewers gear.

In 2009, let's keep as many opposing fans out of our beautiful Miller Park. This will help in contributing to another successful season from our beloved Brewers.

So what do you say; let's take back Miller Park!