Who of the Other 103 Will Come Out and Admit Steroid Use?

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

This will be my last writing about the steroid issue because pitchers and catchers have reported, and I want to start writing about spring training. I wanted to write this article two days ago but I got tired.

Unless you live in a cave, you know that Alex Rodriguez failed a drug test for steroids in baseball’s first-ever drug-testing program in 2003.

Alex Rodriguez was one of 104 players that failed the drug test, and there’s a list of all 104 players in the hands of the government.

Here’s my question: Why don’t some of the other 103 players that cheated come out and admit they took steroids? Don’t they have a conscience? Are these players going to let Alex Rodriguez take the fall for all of them?

Some of these players are not real men. Some will hide and hope that the test results don’t come out.

Now’s a chance for players that were on the list to come out and say, “Yes, I cheated the game.”

Instead, what will happen is the list will be released, and then the players, one by one, will say, “I’m going to come out and admit what I did,” only after they were exposed.

I’m not even sure if any players know if they are on the list or not, but each player knows whether they did steroids. Would it be possible for someone not on the list to come out and admit it? I doubt it.

A lot of people think that Ken Griffey Jr. is clean and that he’s the last great player that didn’t do steroids. How do we know? A lot of people didn’t know Alex Rodriguez did steroids. Ken Griffey Jr. could even be on that list.

Then there’s Jorge Posada saying, “I don’t think I’ve put anything in my body that could be positive on one of those tests.” What is that supposed to mean? You don’t “think?” You either know or you don’t know.

I don’t even remember players' names from the Mitchell Report. I don’t remember that Chuck Knoblauch was listed—do you? What about Paul Lo Duca? I don’t remember him being accused of steroids. If players come out now, I’m sure a lot of people will forget and forgive.

Let’s release the list and just get it over with. The union is trying so hard to protect their players from embarrassment, but what about their health? No, they don’t care about their health. It’s all about money. It’s always about the money.

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