Cavs Trade Rumors: Amare or Camby?

BobbyContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

Here is what it seems all Cavs fans have been waiting for. It's been a year since they made the big trade that sent players like Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden out of town. In return in the three team trade they got back Ben Wallace, Joe Smith, Delonte West, and Wally Szczerbiak with his huge expiring contract for this season.
For months there have been ideas about who they would trade him for. Some were Micheal Redd, now out for the season, Shawn Marion, who was recently traded to the Raptors, and Vince Carter.

It doesn't look like Carter is coming to Cleveland anytime soon so right now there's two guys the Cavs seem to be really interested in: Amare Stoudemire and Marcus Camby.

As reported by Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski:

Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry offered the expiring contract of Wally Szczerbiak, rookie J.J. Hickson and a first-round pick for Stoudemire earlier in the week, sources said. Anderson Varejao was mentioned in a possible scenario too, sources said.

Nevertheless, the proposal has generated little enthusiasm out of Suns GM Steve Kerr.

Cavs’ bid for Stoudemire falls flat

I really don't see what's wrong with a potentially great player in Hickson, a huge expiring in Wally and maybe even a defense first big man in Varejao.

Of course I don't know their other offers but in my Cavs-biased opinion that's a good trade. Guess I need a neutral person to give there opinion of it.

Now with Camby according to SportingNews writer Sean Deveney landing Camby will be "tough" for the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers have been mentioned as a possible destination for Camby—it’s been reported that Cleveland would look at Camby as a consolation prize for Amare Stoudemire, but the reality is, the Cavs were hesitant about making a deal for Stoudemire all along. A deal for Camby makes much more sense. He’s a veteran player with a short contract (he is signed for next year, at $7.6 million) and would fit well with the Cavs and their defensive mindset.

But it’s unlikely that Cambycould windup with the Cavaliers, because the best chip Cleveland has is Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract, at $13.6 million, and the Clippers would want someone else to sweeten the deal—Anderson Varejao, say. With Camby making $8 million this year, it would be almost impossible for the contracts to match up without adding a third team to make the deal happen.

Landing Marcus Camby will be tough for Cavaliers

Well Sean it seems you forgot Eric Snow's expiring contract of $7,312,500. Throw in Lorenzon Wright for salary purposes plus a 1st, then why not LA?

They get some much needed salary relief and a young player, a late 1st round type player, but still a guy who could become a star potentially. Pretty good for a guy you got pretty much for free during the last off-season.

Now Camby is the defensive monster I'd like to see up against KG in the playoffs, pretty much the guy we wanted Ben Wallace to be.

Now Big Ben will be a guy that can be brought in 15-20 minutes a game with Varejao to give us a pretty deep bench once Delonte, Sasha, and Tarance Kinsey come back(West will be back this week it looks like), all before the playoffs.

But Camby doesn't add scoring like Amare and doesn't really give us a "Big Three." Also he'd cost less since we'd keep Hickson and Varejao, along with not having to give him probably 15-20M a year like Amare will probably want.

Wasn't it Amare who wanted out of Phoenix because they actually wanted him to play defense? Not sure how that'd work if he was a Cav, but Mo Williams wasn't a big defender in Milwaukee and he's at least playing defense.

I really want the "Cleveland Big Three" but making us even better defensively is still good. So I ask you: who would rather have, Amare or Camby if you were the Cavs while considering what it'll cost to get either?


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