The Numbers Don't Lie: Which Competitors Have the Best Chance at No Way Out?

David LloydCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

Tonight is the night where all hell is sure to break loose inside the demonic structure known as the Elmination Chamber.

We all know the rules, two men will start off inside the chamber while four other WWE Superstars wait anxiously inside their pods.  Awaiting for the lights to go off, and the spotlight to be cast down upon them.

For the second time in two years, two elimination chamber matches will be hosted at on PPV event.

Unlike last year's No Way Out, the titles will be on the line in Seattle, WA.  Let's take a look to see who has the best chance of becoming the new champion of their respective brands, and who has the odds stacked against them.

I will also break down each opponent's percentage chance of winning tonight based on past performances only.  Current story lines are thrown out the window.  This is based on historical statistics only.

SmackDown's Elimination Chamber

Vladimir Kozlov:  Kozlov is competing in his first chamber match.  The Moscow Mauler has yet to lose in single's competition, and unfortunately for him, this is not the case.  Tonight should be the first time Kozlov either submits or gets pinned since he debuted in the WWE. (5%)

The Big Show:  Show has been involved in one chamber match in his career.  He entered December to Dismemberin 2006 as the ECW champ, but would not walk out with the title.  Big Show will certainly be a force in the ring tonight, but will suffer the same fate he did back in '06. (10%)

Jeff Hardy:  Jeff popped his proverbial cherry at No Way Out last year, giving us a nice spot from the top of one of the chamber pods.  I look for Hardy to provide another memorable spot, but like Big Show, fall to 0-2 in Chamber matches. (10%)

The Undertaker:  Believe it or not, 'Taker has only been in 1 Elimination Chamber.  Like Jeff Hardy, it was at last year's No Way Out, except it was for the World Heavyweight Title spot at WrestleMania 24.  Unlike Show and Hardy, 'Taker won his Chamber debuted, and is therefore 1-0 in his career.  (25%)

Triple H:  If there is a chamber match, HHH is most likely involved.  He participated in the very first Elimination Chamber at Survivor Seriesall the way back in 2002.  He unsuccessfully defended his title as he watched his pal, HBK, get the victory. 

Since then, Triple H has competed in and won three Elimination Chambers, including last year's at No Way Out.  HHH is 3-1 in his career and must be considered the statistical favorite for tonight's match.  (35%)

Edge (c):  Edge has participated in one chamber match, and coincidentally, Triple H was involved as well.  Edge did not walk out of New Year's Revolutionwith the title that was previously vacant.  However, Shawn Michaels will not be the referee tonight.  Edge is 0-1 up to this point, but has an opportunity to change that.  Since his wife is the GM and he is the champ, he gets a slight bump over Hardy and Big Show.  (15%)

RAW's Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston:  Kingston has been on RAW since the last draft and has held the Intercontinental title.  This will be his first chamber match.  Kofi should be more focused on making it out alive than walking away as the new champion.  (1%)

Mike Knox:  Knox is also making his Chamber debut, and has the physical fortitude to stand his own amongst the competitors.  He's brief history on RAW has had run-ins with Kofi Kingston, as well as Rey Mysterio.  His focus will be more on destroying these two's chances than getting a victory himself.  (2%)

Rey Mysterio:  Yet another 'first-timer' in the chamber match.  Rey Mysterio will get a chance to shine in this event, and may deliver a more memorable spot than Jeff Hardy.  He has a much bigger track record than the previous two competitors, thus, given him a slightly better chance. (7%)

Kane:  Kane is 0-1 in Chamber matches.  Coincidentally, John Cena was the victor in the only Chamber Kane has participated in.  Kane's experience gives him the edge up to this point.  (15%)

Chris Jericho:  Y2J is 0-4 in the Chamber so far.  Jericho was in the first three Chamber matches, and was also involved in last year's Chamber at No Way Out.  His experience gives him the where-with-all he will need to be victorious this evening, yet his track record predicts another outcome.  (25%)

John Cena (c):  Cena is perceived as always winning.  He may as well change his mantra to "You can't see me...lose".  Shockingly, Cena is undefeated in the Chamber (1-0).  The champ looks to retain his title in what is considered a very lackluster Chamber card.  Cena is the only participant in this one with a W under his belt for Elimination Chamber matches.  (50%)

I could have just given Cena a 100% chance of winning based on everyone's predicted outcome for this match.  But this is a numbers' game, and the numbers, my friends, don't lie.