Kansas City Royals Spring Training: Many Choices Are To Be Made.

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

There are many choices to be made for the Kansas City Royals as players report to camp this Monday. Second, and first base are a couple that come to mind.

At first base the battle will be between Billy Butler, and Mike Jacobs. The fielding between the two is terrible. They both are well below average when it comes to fielding.

Batting is a different story. Jacobs hit 32 home runs last season for the Florida Marlins. Butler was only able to muster 10, but with his ability, he could easily hit 25 this upcoming year.

Butler has the most upside at this point and as of right now the Royals expect Butler to start and Jacobs to bat as the designated-hitter.

Butler is probably the best fielder at first base (which isn't saying much). Jacobs can hit for more power but also strikes out way too much.

Another position that there will be a battle at is second. Reports have said that Mark Teahan will try out for second. If this is true and he is able to play well than there won't be much of a battle.

The contestants for second are Teahan, Willie Bloomquist, and Alberto Callaspo. The Royals acquired Bloomquist from the Mariners this offseason, but I expect him to be the backup for almost every position.

Callaspo will probably be the starter if it doesn't work out with Teahan. Callaspo, who will turn 25 this season, is the younger of the bunch. Callaspo dosen't have as much speed as Bloomquist but he is a better hitter.

All Royals fans at this point need to hope that Teahan is able to be the second baseman. Teahan is a great base runner and has much more power than Callaspo or Bloomquist. He is by far the best player out of these three.

Players will report this Monday and there will be much more to talk about then previous years.