Top Five Players In Men's College Basketball This Year

Logan SchellContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

I would like to write about the top five NCAA men's basketball players this year. I know in this list some people might not agree, but I will still do my best.

#5. Hasheem Thabeet-

I know he may only be on this list because he's on a good team. That's not all the truth. He's a very dominate center. You can barely drive into the lane when Thabeet is there. Even if you do get a shot up he would block it. He gets almost every board when he's in there and to top it all off he can score. I don't think that he's reached his full potential yet and I also think that when he does he will be making a lot of money playing in the NBA. That's why Hasheem Thabeet is number five on my list.

#4. Jodie Meeks-

Do I need to say anything else? This kid is amazing! He can score. He is a great defender and he can even get on the boards. Meeks can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. He can post up and he can hit long three pointers. He is very good at getting his teammates the ball as well. He makes my list because he can go off for fifty points any night he chooses. He can score on the best off them.

#3. Luke Harangody-

Wow! First I put Thabeet, then I put Harangody. This kid is amazing! He can shoot and he can post up on just about anyone. He may not be that tall but he plays big. He's averaging 25 points and 12 boards a night. He can take over a game on both offense and defense. His team has been struggling a little bit, but he plays for a Big East team and every team is good in that league.

#2. Stephen Curry-

Okay, you don't have to tell me, I know he doesn't play good teams every night. The kid still is the best shooter in the NCAA. He plays for a small school who plays in the Southern Conference, whatever that is, and he doesn't play the kind of schedule the Big East does, but he is still the best perimeter player in the NCAA. He can shoot the lights out of any gym, anywhere. Yes, he had a poor showing against Purdue, but Purdue is a good team led by a good coach and they had the kids ready to play. Curry may only sit on the perimeter but he still is very dominate and can take over any game that he plays in.

#1. Blake Griffin-

This one was not too hard. Blake is a walking double-double. He gets twenty points and about twelve boards a night. Easily. When he really wants to, he can score forty and get twenty boards a night. Not only is he a great scorer and rebounder, he is a great team leader.

Thanks for reading. I did my best. Comment if you disagree or think that I missed something.