Favre Ends Legacy

RandyContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

Brett Favre retired again this past week, ending an illustrious football career.  His tenure in New York did not end as well as he might have anticipated.

Without question, Favre has always displayed true grit and character playing as one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the modern era. Giving up something you obviously love to do is difficult.

As a follower of the Packers, I thought Favre should have retired a few years ago. I realize that many Packers fans were not happy to have the team let him go last year.  It seemed obvious to me that after a sub par performance at Lambeau Field against the New York Giants, his career was done.

Young Giants quarterback Eli Manning played out of his element in the frigid temperatures at Lambeau Field and looked more comfortable in the game than Favre did!

I think I can understand his unwillingness to give up his profession last year, but the way he kept the Packers on hold, then decided to retire, then decided to unretire was unacceptable.

There is no way you can fault Green Bay's management for their decision to let him go. Albeit, it was a difficult decision, but Rodgers deserved to get his shot at the job.

I will remember Favre fondly as we lived and died with his physical travails and the personal tragedies he endured throughout his career.  He is a rare individual who left it all on the field, played with reckless abandon and had some great years.

It is difficult to root for some of these selfish egotistical players that don't play with intensity and heart, but you didn't have to be a fan of the Packers to be a fan of Favre.

Since he seems to now have a physical issue with his arm as he approaches the ancient football age of 40, I don't think we will have a replay of last year's follies.

I can only say, we as fans have loved to watch and grow with Favre in his career and wish him the best that life has to offer in retirement.