The Top 8 Liverpool Home Kits of All-Time

Tony LucadamoContributor IIIJuly 3, 2012

The Top 8 Liverpool Home Kits of All-Time

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    That's right folks, it's over. The last whistle has sounded. The fans have boarded their flights home. German pop-sensation Oceana has sung us back from commercial break for the last time.

    As the odds makers predicted, Spain are champions. As I could not have predicted, Alexi Lalas and Michael Ballack managed to make it through June without coming to blows. 

    And now we get back to more important things, such as transfer rumors and the unveiling of new kits.

    With regards to the latter, Liverpool are bringing in the Brendan Rodgers era in style. Warrior Sports takes over for Adidas, and yellow makes it's return to the home kit after a nine-year hiatus.

    In honor of the unveiling, Bleacher Report takes you back through the annals of Liverpool lore. We rank the best home uniforms in the club's history.

    You be the judge. Did we get it right?

8. 2004-05

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    In 2005, less was more. Reebok's creative flourish was not overly inspired.

    However, what it lacked in wild fashion it made up for in luck. Liverpool could have worn pink during the "Miracle of Istanbul" and it would still make the list.

7. 1989-91

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    The highlight of the "Candy" sponsorship years had to be these confetti-clad red-and-whites.

    Why party in the pub when you can party on the pitch?

6. 1992-93

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    As you can see here, this gentleman is thrilled to be wearing the giant white stripes of Adidas.

    Was this a precursor to Ralph Lauren's attempt at the giant horse? Perhaps we'll never know.

5. 1892-1896

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    I know what you are thinking, and no, this is not Prince Harry's cricket shirt. 

    As odd as it seems, Liverpool originially wore blue. For four years, the reds were not red at all.

    This is heresy today within the context of the Merseyside derby. However, it was once quite, well, fashionable.

4. 1973-74

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    Kevin Keegan highlights the years in which English clubs opted to show off as much leg as possible.

    John Stockton would be proud.

3. 1955-56

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    After over half a century of wearing nothing more than plain red shirts, Liverpool rocketed into the 20th century in 1955.

    The Anfield hierarchy saw fit to add not only the club crest, but also aggressively pointed collars.

2. 1896-1900

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    Call it the "old-fashioned." Liverpool's first ever red jersey combined the best elements of football and equestrianism.

    Players at the time could apparently play 90 minutes in the morning then add a few more on Secretariat in the afternoon.

1. 1984

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    The mid-80's can perhaps best be described as the "pinstripe era" on Merseyside.

    They say vertical stripes take off fifteen pounds. But then again, the camera reportedly adds 10 pounds. Thus, I assume we are looking at a young Kenny Dalglish who is five pounds lighter on aggregate. 


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    With that we arrive at modern day.

    Who knows what's in store? Every kit has its own place in history. Supposedly Brendan Rodgers is the man for the job of making the Warrior Sports era a special one.

    In this picture he does his best imitation of a second-grade yearbook smile. It does not exactly inspire confidence.

    But who am I to judge. Is the Premier League back yet?