Rangers Turning Into a Disaster

Kevin PapaCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

While watching the Rangers debacle against the Flyers, I figured I'd write an article to get some frustration out, or to at least discover what is plaguing this team.

The obvious answer to that is everything. Everything Gomez, or Drury, or Redden do seems to just sink the collective players and team into a bigger hole. They're giving up the puck 100 different times in the neutral zone with ineffective stick-handling or deciding not to play defense altogether. Also, it could be the lackluster performance in consecutive games by nearly the entire team.

If for just five minutes I could be in charge of the whole organization, we would be saying goodbye to Renney, Sather, Perry Pearn, and Mike Pelino because they are all ineffective. A coach should be able at least marginally change the direction of a failing team. Peter DeBoer has done a magnificent job for the Florida Panthers after they continually played with mediocrity, but why can't Renney match that if he's such a good coach?

The reason is because Renney is an average coach, and will never get the Rangers deep in the playoffs. Tell me, how many championship teams have a coach who changes the lines at random every game? Zero.

It makes no sense, and along with the rest of the bad coaches in New York. Renney should be gone next year.

Perhaps even worse than Renney is Glen Sather. Who else would be stupid enough to sign Wade Redden, a 31-year-old failing defenseman, to a six year, $39 million contract? Six years?!

I would rather have Marek Malik on the top defensive pair than keep Redden. The only positive trade he has produced as of late is the Nikolai Zherdev addition, although I hated that we lost Fedor Tyutin, who is an outstanding defenseman.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the New York Rangers aren't going to get past the second round this year. They need to clean house and make some big trades for offensive and defensive dynamos or it will be another average year for us.

Keep the young, potential stars and get rid of aging centers and wingers who do nothing except pretend to play and never deliver.

If anyone has any comments or opinions on what they would want to see happen prior to the trade deadline or in this upcoming offseason, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas or suggestions.