New York Knicks: Trade Deadline Moves

Vinny YeagerCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

With the NBA Trade Deadline coming up, the New York Knicks might want to make some moves to acquire some big name guys.

The one major problem that the Knicks have is that they do not have a lot to give when they want to trade for a big name player. This might hurt them if they want to make a blockbuster deal.

The biggest name that is out on the market right now is Phoenix Suns Forward Amare Stoudemire.

He brings energy and emotion every single time he steps out on the court and this would help the Knicks out a lot.

Amare could very well be on his way out because the state of the Suns right now is not very good with their head coach Terry Porter on his way out.

The Knicks would have to give up a lot to have a guy like Amare on the team. This may mean giving up key members of the team like Wilson Chandler, Nate Robinson, and Quentin Richardson.

Giving up those three guys would really kill a lot of Knick fans because they really show a lot of heart and are fan favorites.

This would be an absoulte steal for the Knicks would could wrap up Stoudemire for a long term deal.

Another name that is floating around the trade market is Detroit Pistons big man Rasheed Wallace.

Although "Sheed" is getting up there in age, he is still a solid player and could help out the Knicks out in paint and also on the defensive end of the court.

The Knicks could try to pick up Wallace and possibly sign him to a short term deal.

New York needs to pick up a solid player via trade to be in contention to make a solid playoff run.