"La Résistance": Austin's Last Stand

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

Hello B/R, my mind once again produced another series idea. This one will be called La Résistance!

It's a new faction! Who wants to join? If a save haven for neutral people to join and...just joking. This is a new series, and a series only. I won't tag the name and neither should you guys.

As the name implies, it's a resistance. Resistance...to...what? A resistance to things that have to be opposed...at least from my point of view.

I will express my resistance for current and or reoccurring situations in wrestling. Now that I have cleared that up, lets get to this issue shall we?

I have many in my head, but let's go with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In many eyes, he is the greatest wrestler in WWE history—in others not. I have always perceived Austin as No. 1—just slightly above Shawn Michaels—but I've been thinking about the two trading spaces over the last year or two (the argument I am about to explain doesn't effect me wanting to shift HBK to No. 1).

Stone Cold did nothing less than give us a show. We needed attitude, he gave us attitude (Vince too), We needed some on to raise hell, he rose it. We needed someone to open up a can of whoop a**...you better believe he did it. We needed a HELL YEA! He gave us one. WHAT?! I said he gave us one.

The point is that Stone Cold was everything we needed during the attitude era. He didn't give a rats a** about anyone or anything, but he was our hero. Vince wanted conformity, and we wanted diversity. Austin fought for the cause and I believe WWE wouldn't be the way it is today if ol' Stone Cold never made his mark. Even after the Attitude Era, Stone Cold moved on.

I looked at him as a man without a cause. He still gave us memories, he still gave us classics, he gave us laughs and entertainment...he gave us "wrestling". To this day, Stone Cold is still recognized as one of the greatest. He could very well be, in my book, the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of the WWE.

Unfortunately Austin doesn't have father time on his side like Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker, so his plaguing injuries finally caught up to him. We couldn't get to see Austin continue on into the new generation as he had his last match against the Rock at Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle, Washington. He gave us one more match and I applaud him for that...we all should.

"What is this guy talking about?! Where's the resistance?"

It all started when Stone Cold Steve Austin was selected to lead the 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame class. I was elated. Austin was finally being honored for the work he had done in the company. My smile quickly went away because I knew what was coming. People everywhere would start saying "Stone Cold's last match at WrestleMania XXV!"

This is where my resistance begins.

I feel like Chris Jericho, as I feel he would be saying the same things I am about to say if he were face to face with the Rattlesnake. Austin doesn't need one more match. He had moved on from wrestling. His injuries are plaguing him, and getting the ring wouldn't help them.

"Austin is in shape for one more match!"

People have also been saying that he's saving himself up for one more match. I don't think so.

Please fathom what I am trying to get across here. This isn't a prediction. I'm not saying whether of not Stone Cold will wrestle at WrestleMania XXV, I'm just against the idea of it.

"It's in Texas, his home state!"

It's also the home state of JBL, HBK, and Taker, and I don't see them having their last match.

"He's on the WrestleMania XXV poster!"

He could just be on the poster for advertising.

The fact of the matter is that that stuff shouldn't matter because he shouldn't wrestle. Like Jericho said with the Mickey Rourke/Flair comparison, we have to see that last match don't we? We don't let the man rest. Austin has done way too much already. I don't want him to be like next Hulk Hogan—"ONE MORE MATCH BRUTHA!"—is that what we want the legendary Stone Cold to become?

I for one, certainly do not. We already had him coming back for the ECW One Night Stand PPV, the RAW Homecoming, the beer drinking contest against MVP, the skit with Santino, referee the Donald Trump/Vince McMahon battle of the billionaires "hair vs hair" match, and the special ref for the Batista vs Jericho Cyber Sunday match. How much more Austin do we need? Don't approve of this people...resist. Until next time, La Resistance.