Is the ECW Title Cursed?

Myles HubbardCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

In 1992, the NWA introduced a new title. This title was called the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. The first champ was none other than Jimmy "Superfly"Snuka. After that, many legendary superstars held the "illustrious" title.

Guys like Sandman, Tito Santana, Sabu, and Raven. Then it was deactivated in 2001. Lets take a look at the last supertar to hold the original championship(Rhino)and the all the champs after it was brought back in 2006 (excluding Hardy and Swagger)

Rhino(2001): After winning Ecw Championship he has won three hardcore titles, one WCW United States Title, and held the NWA World Title brieftly. He was release from WWE in 2004 because he allegedly had a public argument with his wife? It's stupid, but it happened

Rob Van Dam(2006): His carrer didn't suffer after winning the title, but his personal life took a big hit. He revealed that his wife had been suffering from Colon Cancer and his mother was ill also. Since being released from his contract in 2007 he has made two appearances on WWE programming( against Santino) and at the Royal Rumble. But there's always a chance of The Whole Dam Show to return to the WWE full time.

The Big Show(2006): After losing the title he took time off from the WWE to heal injuries.Since coming back he has not had a taste of championship gold. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he lost to Floyd Mayweather?

Bobby Lashley('06 and '07): After having to give up the title after being drafted to RAW, the two time ECW Champ(hint hint) was put in the WWE title picture right off the back,but did never won it. Right after he was defeated by John Cena at the Great American Bash, he was injured in a match against Mr.Kennedy. Later he stated that he was leaving the WWE because of reasons beyond his control.

Mr McMahon(2007): What hasn't happened to him after his stint as ECW champ? Around the time before he won it he had his head shaved.He also "died" in a limo explosion, was revealed to be the father of a leperchaun. the stage, malfunctioned on him during the "Million Dollar Mania," and who would have thought it, was punted in the head by RKO.

Johnny Nitro aka John Morrison: Right when I thought the ECW title was once again one of the most prestigious titles in pro wrestling, Chris Beniot died and who'd they pick to replace him? An up and coming superstar named Nitro. But he went from main event caliber to mid carder after losing the title. If he goes back out on his own, I believe he can be multiple time wold champion

Cm Punk: He's had the most success out of all the former ECW champs, but he went from World Heavyweight Champ to IC champ to Tag champ to fueding with William Regal. I believe the WWE will put a World Title back on him, but I hope this time for more than two months.

Chavo Guerrero: His career has been on a downward spiral ever since his reign as champ. He went from ECW champ to lower midcarder on Smackdown to Vicki Guerrero's puppet and currently a jobber for MVP.

Kane: After winning the ECW title, it looke like Kane was back to being the dominant monster he was. But after losing it,he's become a mid-carder and that's not what he should be. If used currectly, he could be a great world champion,but someone needs to tell McMahon that.

Mark Henry: He has basically did Nothing since losing the ECW title. Expect a match with HBK on RAW, he hasn't been in any signifanct matchup since is ECW title run. He's hardly ever seen on ECW either.

I just hope with the edition of Christian the ECW Title can get it's prestige back. And if there is a curse with the title than I hope Swagger loses it soon because I'm very high on him. Well, that's my first article in a while now so leave your comments and tell what you think.