I Hear Voices Pt.13: Wrestlemania 25, 2009 Draft "FAR" From Finalized

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

Welcome one and all on another edition of "I Hear Voices". If you didn't know, I use this series for breaking news. What's new today? Jim Ross (J.R.) recently posted on his blog that Wrestlemania is no where near done. They haven't even made a single match. An excerpt can be seen below.

"I would bet you a side of JR's slow, smoked ribs vs a day old donut that the WrestleMania card is far from finalized as we speak and further more that the WWE Draft is still, in pencil, in its beginning form on the proverbial drawing board IF it is that far along. Point is, how can something be spoiled if it hasn't even been harvested yet?"

Tickets have been sold, hotel rooms have been booked, flights have been booked, and there isn't anything done yet? What are they waiting for"?! Its alright though, they need to be diligent. WWE has to take as much time as possible on this.

-Orton can point to that star all he wants, but Wrestlemania doesn't even knows his fate yet. He's ready for Wrestlemania...but Wrestlemania isn't ready for him.

We're half way through February and we have the entire March, so that's one and a half months. Everything isn't completely planned as we think they are. I believe that along the way they must improvise. Great things occur when you just go with the flow sometimes.

WWE knows the amount of pressure as this isn't any regular Wrestlemania, Its the 25th anniversary. No Way Out is tonight and I believe this is really where the road to wrestlemania begins. The Royal Rumble just merely determines one guy in a main event match, and No Way Out builds the foundation for the rest.

With that said, WWE should  start building Wrestlemania's foundation with the results of No Way Out, and the fallout of the PPV. Having an empty Wrestlemania card is common and nothing to worry about. The WWE will plan stuff, and they'll improvise as well its a 50/50 effort...sort of.

WWE also have no plans for the draft as well. This is completely natural. Creative aren't masterminds who have a script at every moments notice. Wrestlemania should effect and or impact the draft, which is a on April 13th, 2009. Big names are sure to be drafted and the faces of each brand will change. The road to Wrestlemania and the 2009 draft rolls on and is making a huge...and last pit stop tonight at No Way Out.