Defending Champ Full Count Names His Keepers (Fantasy Style)

Kip ArneyCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

Hot off the wire, news has come out on who the Full Count organization has decided to keep from last years squad.

Full Count, people may remember, won an 11-10 battle in the championship against Sleeper to take their first title in program history.

This is a tentative list, but the Full Count GM believes that this is the group he's going to go into battle with at the start of next year.

2B - Dan Uggla (.260 - 32 - 92)

1B/3B - Kevin Youkilis (.311 - 29 - 115)

OF - Manny Ramirez (.332 - 37 - 121)

OF - Bobby Abreu (.296 - 20 - 100)

OF - Carlos Lee (.314 - 28 - 100)

3B - Chipper Jones (.364 - 22 - 75)

RP - Francisco Rodriguez (2.24 ERA 62 Saves, 77 K's)

Full Count is putting a lot of stock into hitting and will have to rely on the draft to build his pitching staff. By naming the previous seven players as keepers, pitchers such as Chien-Ming Wang and Roy Oswalt are to be taken in the draft. Both will probably go in the first two rounds after keepers have been selected.

The only question is whether or not keeping a relief pitcher is a smart move.

Speaking from experience, the Sleeper GM said "It's hard to argue with keeping a guy who set a record last season, but saves can be found at the bottom of the barrel. Also last year, we kept JJ Putz and that flamed out because of injury, not to mention he was on a bad team that wasn't going to produce a lot of opportunities.

The way to look at a keeper draft and this one in particular with keeping seven players, is to ask yourself, in a regular draft, would this player go in the first seven rounds?"

There are always variables though because some teams might not have worthy enough players who would fit into the mold of being drafted in a regular draft in the first seven rounds. Therefore they have to select from the best players on their team regardless of overall ranking.

When asked what he would do if Manny Ramirez didn't sign with a team by opening day, the Full Count GM laughed and responded, "That's not even a possibility."

We'll see.