Denver Broncos: 5 Little-Known Players Who Will Turn Heads in Camp

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIJuly 3, 2012

Denver Broncos: 5 Little-Known Players Who Will Turn Heads in Camp

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    The Denver Broncos are due to open up their training camp for the upcoming season on July 26, 2012, in Englewood, CO.

    We're all aware of the main players on the team such as Peyton Manning, Elvis Dumervil, Willis McGahee, Von Miller and Champ Bailey.

    But what about some of those players who are not known to fans?

    One of the great things about training camp and preseason games is watching the various battles within the team for a spot on the roster.

    This year's Bronco team will be no different, as they look for the perfect rotation of players to complement their new centerpiece—Manning.

    Here's a look at five players who will make a name for themselves by the end of the summer, and who knows, maybe all five of these guys make the final roster?

Eric Page, Wide Receiver

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    The wide receiver position will definitely be the most competitive for the Broncos in training camp and preseason games.

    Eric Page came to the Broncos as an undrafted free agent, but he brings a lot of ability with him.

    At 5'9", Page is the all-time leading receiver at Toledo and brings a very savvy understanding of the game. He works well out of the slot position—a strength in a Manning-led offense.

    Broncos fans will also be quick to remember that the team no longer has Eddie Royal, and this guy may be the perfect replacement—and not just because he wears the same No. 19 jersey.

    Page will definitely make an exciting play or two in preseason, but he will still likely only make the final roster if he can be effective in the return game.

Ben Garland, Defensive End

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    Ben Garland is a long shot to make the Broncos final roster, but this is a player you really should get to know.

    After coming to the Broncos as an undrafted free agent in 2010, Garland went through the full offseason program with the Broncos, but he had prior commitments that prevented him from going straight into the league.

    Garland was a lieutenant in the Air Force and was set to serve five years of military service. In order to ever have a chance to play football, becoming a pilot for the Air Force couldn't be done as well.

    So, Garland was granted an early release in order to rejoin the Broncos. He's a 6'5" defensive end who will likely be down toward the bottom of the depth chart.

    On top of that, Garland's grandparents' home was recently lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.

    Seems like a lot to overcome for a player trying to make a team?

    However, hard work and dedication are not foreign to this player. He will catch some attention in camp.

    He's a player all Bronco fans will more than likely know by the time the season starts.

Danny Trevathan, Linebacker

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    The Broncos' sixth-round pick out of Kentucky is a very promising player, already receiving some work with starters in minicamp.

    D.J. Williams will likely sit out up to six games for violating the league's substance abuse policy, especially after a federal judge recently dismissed his complaint.

    However, between Trevathan and a grossly underrated Wesley Woodyard, I don't feel the Broncos will even miss Williams.

    Trevathan has great football instincts and tremendous hitting ability. He had a knack for making game-changing plays as a member of the Wildcats in college.

    Trevathan is going to make the team; that won't be in question. After the Broncos see the combination of him and Woodyard filling the weak-side linebacker position, they will be very content.

Mario Fannin, Running Back

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    This is a name you should hear a lot of as we move through training camp and preseason games.

    The Broncos have McGahee and second-round pick Ronnie Hillman, but that's about all the certainties that exist at the running back position.

    That leaves a lot of room for opportunity for a guy like Mario Fannin. Fanni had the eye of coaches in training camp last year before suffering a season-ending injury.

    Fannin is a quick player with good receiving ability. He could be a very good situational and third-down back.

    Fannin's role with the team, or lack thereof, likely lies with whatever the Broncos decide to do with oft-injured former first-round pick, Knowshon Moreno.

    Fans should expect to hear a lot out of Fannin in the coming weeks and expect him to make the Broncos roster.

Gerell Robinson, Wide Receiver

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    Undrafted out of Arizona State, Gerell Robinson is a player whom the Broncos will have to shape and mold to fit their team, but they'll be more than willing to do so because of his talent level.

    In his senior year, Robinson caught 77 balls for nearly 1,400 yards, complementing seven touchdowns.

    He's a very physical, athletic player who's willing to go over the middle in traffic and make tough catches.

    His size (6'4", 229 pounds) is also a plus.

    There will be quite a bit of competition at the wide receiver position, including veterans almost assured to make the team.

    However, Robinson is a prime candidate to make some plays in camp and preseason games, making it very hard for the coaching staff to cut him.

    Plus, he has a relationship with Broncos' third-round pick—Brock Osweiler.

    Robinson should do no worse than getting a spot on the team's practice squad.