AkD Presents: The Dynasty Manifesto: B/R, A World At War

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

Hello B/R. We've all had our times arguing of wrestling. Even though we know it's scripted, the urge to argue is like a reflex. I cannot resist at times. Debating is always good right?

During my time here on B/R, I've read many articles as well as wrote many. I've met interesting people and have had interesting conversations. We have argued, but even an argument in one way or another is a debate. Writers and commenters express their opinions on who their favorite wrestler is—or who is isn't—their favorite.

I've seen touching articles that have made look at certain superstars in different dimension or perspective (Mina's Matt Hardy article). There have also been articles bashing superstars as well (most John Cena articles). I read  an article here when I was just googling about Christian's return one day. I saw a sign up page and became interested.

I read many articles and saw the camaraderie that writers had with one another. It was manifested through their comments, memories and articles of course. This place was not too shabby, I thought. "Dynasty-like", I thought to myself. I got here and B/R was peaceful...well sort of.

A chain events  have swirled since then and it history has repeated itself. We are in the midst of a civil war. In WWE terms the equivalent counterpart is Attitude Era. No one cared and there was chaos.

We've had differences, but what is going on for goodness sake. I will not stand sit here and lie to you B/R. My hand was in the cookie jar (no joke intended). I've played my part in this just as many people have.

One writer which many should know by now, wrote a satrical piece about a stable dubbed BRB (Do not ask what it stands for...the name isn't important).

I loved the piece and even tagged an article of mine with the stable abbreviation. This led to the emergence of another stable. B/R's wrestling community should know the name of it, so I won't name them. A certain "someone" took it upon himself to form this stable, faction, or whatever you want to name it.

This "group" claimed to be saving B/R. Sorry, but you didn't. Instead of any conflict mitigating or losing steam, B/R has been full blown into a warzone.

I thought for a second to compare this to the Monday Night Wars, but that may not the wrestling equivalent of what's going on. I'm rethink if wrestling can even function as a democracy, as in over here.

Everyone has a war of words in the wrestling world (behind the scenes e.g. Montreal Screwjob), and here in B/R.

This may sound a bit cliche, but aren't we all great in our own way? I thought of wrestlers who jumped ship between ECW,WCW,WWE/F, and TNA over the years because of the nonsense that was going on. I then thought of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.

Is an uprising always inevitable? Is a revolution unavoidable? Marx may have been wrong about his theories in our nation, as we stood by our capitalist and democratic ways throughout the hardships of the great depression, and the civil war. Marx might be right elsewhere. Look at what's going on here on B/R? People are biased, and the one's who aren't are just sitting aside.

I wonder if these antics/actions play in a part in the demise of wrestling organizations. TNA's creative have been blasted numerous times. Wrestlers are at each other throats (may not always be the case), and everyone is developing disdain for everything.

Slowly has the quality, and discussions for wrestling have declined. At first I would occasionally come across articles that had contained a war of words. As time progress it became incessant and constant...more frequent. This is not only the case for Mr. Uno, but others as well. Established writers had endured this and even newcomers who just wanted to write articles, have wars raging on their comment board.

I was reading an article recently. It was on Christian of Stone Cold I believe. This guy wrote a good article and had about 10 comments or so.

I scroll down to tell him how much I enjoyed the article and every comment there was irrelevant to the article. I'm no saint as I too leave irrelevant comments, but I also leave my thoughts on the article as well...those comments did not.

Imagine how the writer must feel when he/she sees the amount of feedback they got...just to scroll down and see nonsense. I wasn't that unfortunate my first article, but it has happened to me recently just as others. Many are aware of the irrelevant and rude comment that someone left on one of Jason Le Blanc's Wrestlemania XXIV weekend articles.

Why would they say that? That article came from the heart, thoughts, and soul of man who clearly loved wrestling. He had accomplished what few seem to do on B/R these days...properly transition your thoughts, emotions, and experiences and blend them into a "proper" article.

Many have worked hard on their articles as he isn't the only one. In wrestling, I feel that many wrestlers work their butts off and get shot down and not given the time of day. This is happening here.

Like wrestling, people write/work hard just to receive nonsense in return. A new group of guys have "emerged" on B/R. I feel compelled and obligated to include wrestling in this piece as well because that's the way I feel.

These guys come in a write "stories" as they try to shoot down" and dirty someone's name. I have already address them as well as gave them my two cents.

They have targeted a fellow writer(s) of mine and bombarded them with irrelevant, unnecessary, rude, fallacious, immature, nonsensical, idiotic, unwarranted, and disdainful comments. I wasn't too fond of their actions, so I gave them my two cents.

I am now a target. I am not intimidated nor worried why? This is the Internet. When I argue about wrestlers, I remember at the end of the day everything is scripted. On B/R it is not scripted, but we should be reminded that we aren't physically social.

This is a cyber network. I am from New York and we have to think to ourselves..."what would these people do/say if they were face to face to me?" We should know the answer to that one.

Can we return B/R to the democracy we once were? We cannot the rid the world of adversity, as wrestlers cannot hide the sorrow from being away from their families over 200 days a year, or the a pressure they feel to take steroids to enhance their performance. We are are dynasty...at least that's how I perceive it.

We have to find a way to overcome this, the same a wrestlers find a way to keep going in the ring. They ignore the criticism, they fight the pain, they shut out the non-believers and they go for it all (see: HBK). B/R...dynasty or a cyber network at war? If the it's the latter, then it's a shame what a once great place has become.