The Greatest Baseball Game In Baseball History

Paul Contributor IFebruary 15, 2009

Hello people, I'm about to show you the greatest baseball game in baseball history. Obviously the team names are going to be the Yankees and Red Sox, just to add a little suspense. The game will include the greatest stars in baseball history, including many people in todays game. If you disagree, then just write a comment saying what player you would take out if you were writing. So here we go.

Baseball Team Name - New York Yankees

Manager - Billy Martin (I'm a fan of Martin even though he's a hot head sometimes haha)

1st Base - Lou Gehrig

2nd Base - Jackie Robinson (7th inning switch, Eddie Collins)

3rd Base - Mike Schmidt

Shortstop - Alex Rodriguez

Left Field - Ted Williams

Right Field - Babe Ruth

Center Field - Mickey Mantle

Designated Hitter - Paul Molitor

Catcher - Johnny Bench (6th inning replacement Yogi Berra)

Starting Pitcher - Cy Young

Closing Pitcher - Mariano Rivera


There we have the New York Yankees, now lets move on to theyre dreaded rivals, the Boston Red Sox.


Baseball Team Name - Boston Red Sox

Manager - Terry Francona

1st Baseman - Jimmie Foxx

2nd Baseman - Rogers Hornsby

3rd Baseman - Brooks Robinson

Shortstop - Honus  Wagner

Left Field - Rickey Henderson

Right Field - Hank Aaron

Center Field - Willie Mays

Designated Hitter - Dave Winfield

Catcher - Roy Capinella

Starting Pitcher - Christy Mathewson

Closing Pitcher - Rollie Fingers


Winner - New York Yankees, the Yankees took the game in the 43rd inning due to a Babe Ruth homerun to break the tie. The ending score was 4,986,008 to 4,986,010. (Ruth hit a grand slam to end the game.) It was a huge slufest haha. Pitching was doing theyre best, but striking out The Babe or Ted Williams is a tough thing to do,even with Fingers, Mathewson, or anyone. Thanks for the read.