WWE Bill Of Rights: Amendment VIII: The WWE Draft

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

We, as Americans, have fought to earn our rights. The road was long and difficult, but we made it through.

WWE superstars had rights too. Some they had to fight for, other not. Many amendments have been passed throughout today, so what's the next amendment?....


Amendment VIII - Draft/Call of Duty

In all of the amendments that were passed and not passed, drafting had a huge impact on the WWE and still has today. The WWE was full of young bright stars, seasoned veterans, and legends. What caused the draft? A series of events led the company down a direction that would result in a draft.

One of the first events is the attitude era. Many and nearly all of the amendments have major milestones and progress from the attitude era. Degeneration X and Stone Cold Steve Austin find themselves at the eye of the storm yet again. Everyone knew how much Vince McMahon wanted power in the WWE. For the most part he obtained it, but DX and Austin were just being a huge thorn in the side.

Vince went to war with both the disobedient Degeneration X and the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold. The war would go on for years and RAW was no longer the only place for war. In 1999, WWE had a new show. WWE SmackDown came on Thursday nights and the world would get to see Austin/DX/Vince feuds twice a week.

A lot of superstars got lost in translation due to lack of structure between the two shows. WWE knew something had to be done. After the attitude, Monday night wars, and McMahon-Helmsly eras were no more, WWE sought to get a little more organized.

Instead of improving, they had a regression. WWE had been invaded by ECW and WCW after Shane McMahon purchased WCW. Stephanie joined her brother and they ran both ECW and WCW as their formed "The Alliance".

There was a slew of WCW/ECW stars now in WWE. Booker-T, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Rhyno, Raven, and Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) were just a few of many. WWE, led by Kurt Angle, ultimately defeated the alliance and WWE was left dislocated. Everyone and everything was fragmented and all over the place. WWE had more stars and less structure.

The limit had been finally reached and "The Brand Extension Act" was passed, which assigned certain superstars to RAW or SmackDown. WWE was to rowdy and needed to take a step towards structure or even containment. The act was passed in 2002, and that forever changed the WWE.

RAW choose the Undertaker as their overall first pick, and SmackDown choose The Rock for their overall first pick. Both shows then went back and forth getting superstars for their show and reshaping their roster. Never before was a superstar restricted to one show.

Superstars and fans became aware that they might not ever seen matchups that they dream to see because of the extension act, so WWE had another idea. In 2004, WWE passed another act and put it into effect immediately. This was known as the "WWE Draft". Each General Manager (GM), got six picks each.

In 2005, WWE wanted to shake things up again as they wanted each show to refresh their roster again. This was a huge draft. The draft had taken place after major events. Triple H's Evolution stable had finally crumbled when Batista departed then defeated him the the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 21. On the SmackDown side, JBL's 10-month reign as the longest WWE champion in SmackDown history had came to a halt and an end as John Cena overcame the odds and defeated him at Wrestlemania 21 to gain his first ever WWE championship.

RAW must have had the luck of the Irish for the 2005 draft because they drafted Cena himself. RAW had both world championships and SmackDown were going to begin plans to create a new belt. Things changed that night as SmackDown drafted World Heavyweight champion Batista.

WWE was finally making some progress towards structure. In 2006, yet another move was made. WWE had resurrected ECW, the land of extreme. Now with 3 brands, WWE continued to reshaped the rosters through tri-brand drafts in 2007, and 2008.

The 2008 draft saw Jeff Hardy leave RAW for SmackDown, Rey to RAW, Batista to RAW, Finlay to ECW, Matt Hardy to ECW, Big Show to SmackDown, Triple H to Smackdown, Shelton Benjamin to SmackDown, Mike Knox to RAW, Kofi Kingston to RAW, and more surprises. WWE had passed the amendment in 2002 by passing the "Brand Extension Act".

WWE will hold the 2009 Draft on April 13th, 2009.


Amendment VIII Milestones/Progress

Stone Cold/DX vs Vince McMahon - (Attitude Era)

ECW/WCW vs WWE - (Invasion Era)

WWE Brand Extension - (Post-Invasion Era, 2002)

WWE Draft 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 - (New Generation)