Minnesota Vikings Offseason

Rick HuntContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

QB- Whether it's a rookie or a free agent pick up, I don't care, as long as its an upgrade. But the Vikings will not trade for a quarterback. They could get Freeman (Kansas State) in the second round but his stock will rise after the combine.

 RB-They need a solid No. 3 back, and Andre Hall would be a nice pick up.

FB-Tahi did an alright job, but we do need someone better like Evans, or Weaver.

OL- Birk is gone, and most likely Sullivan will be the starter. I would rather have Cook move back to center or sign Brown. Sullivan will most likely get the start. We need to improve the right side and maybe take Oher as our first pick.

But if they take a right tackle like Oher as No. 1, then Cook will move to center over Sullivan. But there are decent free agent tackles the Vikings could pick up. Radovich is off IR and showed promise in the preseason. He could make the team and start one day, but he will at least make the practice team. 

TE-Shiancoe never did shit for us until the end of the season. So it's hard to say. I guess keep him. I would like them to pick up a big name tight end or draft one. Although, They will keep Jimmy and Mills unless we pick one up.

WR- They need more of a possession receiver on the other side of Berrian. Rice was suppose to be that guy but was hurt and didn't amount to anything last season (only on the goal line). Unless Rice steps it up, we need a tall physical wide receiver.

DL-We are good but need to find a good defensive tackle behind the Williams, not only if they get suspended but to rotate in.

LB- Leber, and Greenway played great and E.J. was having a Pro Bowl year before he got hurt. We need depth. Farewell is coming off a torn ACL and all we really have is Harris behind him. The Vikings need to improve that spot. And there are ton of good free agents that can be picked up at this spot.

CB-Gordan is good in the nickel for the most part but when he got hurt, halfway in the season , it created a weakness. He should be back, Griffin had another solid year. But we need to draft a nickel/dime corner to add depth and to compete with Gordan.

S-Darren is gone. Williams did great. Johnson blew penis. Coming out of the draft he was suppose to be a great tackler but didn't do that. Then when Darren sat out a few drives in the playoff game against the Eagles, the Vikings had a few breakdowns in coverage because he didn't play over the top and missed tackles. I like his potential but if he plays like he did last year the Vikings need to pick up a safety.

Returner- The Vikings haven't had a great returner since David Palmer. It worked out well in 2007 with Moore on punt returns and Allison on kick returns. This year was horrible. Hicks was the worst move ever. Why would you sign a 29-year-old running back that never did anything before and never was a great returner. Vikings need to get someone explosive.

Last Thoughts

If the Vikings can get key guys at QB, WR,OL, and add depth at DL,LB,DB they really have a shot. If the Vikings can get two starters out of free agency and two out of the draft and add depth it would be a great offseason and one that can lead them to the Super Bowl.

But if they sit back and just get any quarterback and no other starters, they will not go to the Super Bowl again.