Adrian's Weekly WWE Thoughts: No Way Out Edition

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2009

Welcome Bleacher Report community to my first of many editions of Adrian's Weekly WWE Thoughts. I want to welcome everyone and talk about things that will talk about weekly.

I will talk about top stories going on in wrestling, a review of shows, and pick my superstar of the week and my loser of the week and the best match and worst match in my eyes and one thing I could possibly look forward to. Some other stuff will be biggest surprise, and plenty more.

This week was one that will want to be forgotten for one superstar, Chris Jericho. Chris got into a altercation with a woman and some fans where he was said to have hit the woman after she came up to him and supposedly attacked Chris.

The WWE did no disciplinary actions to Jericho. Chris in the video was cursing and telling the security guards to do their job.

Ric Flair was on RAW and cut his promo and 'THE MAN OF THE WEEK" Chris Jericho cut him off talking about how he is using his name to make a quick buck. I liked the promo because it got me thinking how we know he retired ,but with the things said, how would he react even though we saw him give Jericho a right hand.

RAW this week was pretty good but I would have loved to see Kane come help his brother because it would have been part of the storyline with the third-generation  referee helping Orton beat Kane several weeks back.

CM Punk vs. Regal was an all right match, but other than that the show was everything I thought it would be. Raw is the number one show in my eyes.

ECW was probably at its best this week because of the return of Christian going to not Raw or SmackDown but the land of the somewhat extreme.

Christian was put there just for the time being and with the draft coming up, he could be headed elsewhere. ECW was second best this week.

SmackDown show was average because I feel like when I'm watching SmackDown I'm watching WCW; you have all this good talent but are not using it properly.

I think SmackDown could do a lot better with talent on their brand but sometimes don't know how to use it. The show was last to ECW this week.

No Way Out will be this Sunday and I will give my predictions for every match:


Jack Swagger vs Finlay (ECW Title Match)

I think that Swagger and Christian are going to have that showdown, but I will stick with Swagger in a quality match and closer than expected, but it could be one-sided with the wrestling back ground of Swagger.  


Shawn Michaels vs JBL (Winner Take All)

I think this storyline has been really good throughout the last month and it has grown properly. This could be the first storyline that has been really good, because Shawn Michaels has been really good against Cena in two matches.

I think it will end at No Way Out with Sweet Chin Music and Shawn's hand raised. Hopefully at No Way Out we will see some type of promo with Taker/HBK to see if that grows to WrestleMania 25.


Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred)

I think if Orton wins, it's going to be from outside interference somehow. I think Orton will win but barely get away, as Shane will avenge his father in some way. Orton wins and Stephanie could possibly turn heel.

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox vs. Kofi Kingston (Elimination Chamber - World Title Match)

I think this is a match that people can say Cena won't win because they want him to lose, but at the end of the day everyone is going to most likely see Cena/Orton at WrestleMania 25.

Cena wins with Chris Jericho being the last one eliminated. Eliminations from first to last: Kofi, Knox, Kane, Mysterio, then Jericho.


Edge vs. Triple H vs. Big Show vs. Undertaker vs. Kozlov vs. Jeff Hardy (Elimination Chamber - WWE Title Match)

I think it could come down to Edge and Triple H so that would mean some how Kozlov will lose but maybe not get pinned but I doubt that though.

Triple H and Edge could re-start the rivalry going into WrestleMania 25, but Jeff Hardy could be the wild card in all of this and don't forget Taker in this match.

I think Triple H will beat Edge, as Edge will be the final elimination in the match. Elimination from first to last: Big Show, Kozlov, Hardy, Undertaker, then Edge.

My Superstar of the Week is Edge after on SmackDown capitalizing on his No Way Out opponents from the Fatal Four Way Match with Undertaker vs Kozlov vs Triple H vs Big Show. I think Edge has a good advantage going into No Way Out.

My Loser of the Week is Jack Swagger because he has been having a bad few weeks with two losses and the return of Christian; he needs to rebound this Sunday.

Best Match: CM Punk vs William Regal (RAW) - Punk’s offense proved too difficult for the arrogant Englishman to overcome.

Worst Match: Triple H vs Undertaker vs Kozlov vs Big Show (SmackDown) - There should have been a winner to give someone advantage going into No Way Out.

On TNA, Petey Williams' contract expires and had his last day on TNA and something to watch for the WWE.

On next week's edition, I will talk about the results and fall out from No Way Out, Update on Petey Williams, Talk about Top Stories, and much more, so see you next week.

-Adrian Staehle