Top 10 Basketball Scenes

Matt MartinoContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Technically, this list isn’t the “Funniest Moments in Sports.”

Instead, the following clips are the funniest staged sports moments, in particular: basketball.

Whether or not it’s intentional, there’s no physical comedy more hilarious than watching actors “act” as if they can play basketball.

Keep in mind some nominees were omitted due to language or because I simply couldn’t find them in YouTube’s archive.

Without further ado, the greatest top 10 list ever:

10. Fresh Prince

Will Smith is arguable the greatest high school basketball player ever to play on eight-and-a-half foot rims and a court that’s 40 feet long.  Some guys excel in street ball, others in college, but no one has dominated a basketball setting like the Fresh Prince on a court built for second graders.

9. Fresh Prince Part II

If you thought that was a fluke check out Will’s NBA skills on an eight-and-a-half foot rim.

8. Air Bud

If there’s one thing Air Bud teaches us, it’s that there "aint no rule that say the dog can’t play basketball.” 

Well said.

7. Along Came Polly


Besides John C. Reilly, is there anyone who can match Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s ability to play both comedic and dramatic roles?

It must be a three names thing.

6. Cable Guy

I’ve always contested that this movie was ahead of its time.

When it came out in 1996, audience hadn’t quite adapted to uncomfortable comedy.  Furthermore, the movie took that genre too far. This film comedy and perverseness is completely underrated.

Anyways, this is by far the movie’s most memorable scene.

5. The L Word

Apparently, Los Angeles has a court in which only lesbians show up to play basketball and commentate on social stigmas associated with homosexuality.

Who knew?

4. Blind Dating

I hate to laugh at a blind guy, but come on.  Plus, I’m not the one who made this movie. Incredible that someone actually gave this project the green light.

Before researching clips for this article, I never heard of this film.

3. Teen Wolf

Can you imagine being at an ordinary high school game and then this happens?

The initial shock of the bystanders seems realistic, but the tolerance this movie teaches is truly inspiring.

So, what if he turned into a Werewolf “aint no rule that say the Werewolf can’t play basketball.”

2. Teen Wolf Part II

I have to admit, I’d be a little upset as a teammate if my Werewolf homie refused to transform during the championship game.

“This is the ship, baby. We need you to be a Werewolf.”

I didn’t think it was possible but someone actually improved this clip by keeping Marty McFly’s stats: Classic YouTube.

Don’t mistake those plays as the same shots replayed, either, Marty’s game is just that consistent.

1. 3 Ninjas             

This is by far the most intense two-on-two game between 10-year-olds.