2009 NHL Trade Deadline

Dan LondonCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

The 2009 NHL trade deadline is coming up pretty quick. TSN probably has the best trade page set up so far. ESPN does not even have a transaction link on the NHL page. TSN has a list of the deals done so far right HERE.

There are a number of players who could go at the deadline. Lots of sportswriters and bloggers LOVE to just make up rumors and quote “sources close to the team” that never come true. I freaking called Hossa to the Penguins last season. I sat next to Josh, a huge Pens fan, during the deadline last season and I said to him, “Pens are gonna get Hossa” and it happened. True story.

The talk is about Jay Bouwmeester heading to possibly Boston. I think we could see a few big names go on the 2009 NHL Trade Deadline of March 4. The Penguins could possibly ship Ryan Whitney, Max Talbot and a 3rd round pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Martin St. Louis. See, I just made up a trade rumor. It is THAT easy. The key is to keep the rumors somewhat believable.

Let’s try another. Keith Tkachuk to the Bruins for a first rounder in 2011 and Manny Fernandez. How about Bill Guerin and Mike Comrie to the Bruins for Manny Fernandez, Petteri Nokelainen, and Byron Bitz. It could happen.

I like the NHL trade deadline day. It is even more enjoyable when the team I like actually makes some good deals. It really sucks when the team is obviously dumping salary and is gonna write off the season.

I’ll be listing the deals as they go down on March 4th on my hockey blog as well as on Bleacher Report, and who knows, some of the rumors I started might actually come true.