Stephane Patry Speaks Out!

Gary WhittakerCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

Spatrypodiumstrikebox Former TKO President, and current President of Titans Fighting, Stephane Patry, has been doing the MMA media circuit talking to and Ultime Fanatic this week. Here are the key points of his discussion with Marco Poulin from ultime fanatic:

  • This is not the first time that the R??gie has tried to enforce changes to MMA rules with Quebec based promotions, but turned a blind eye to the UFC when they first came to Montreal in April.
  • Stephane Patry puts the blame directly at Denis Racicot, the director of the R??gie, and not on himself, Yves Lavigne, James Thompson, or anyone else associated with Titans Fighting.
  • Stephane calls the director of communications for the R??gie a "perfect imbecile" for making the statements that he has to the media this week. I love that one!
  • While he is not a lawyer, Patry does not think that the R??gie can arbitrarily change their minds like that after almost 10 years of MMA in the province.
  • Stephane Patry lists in great detail all of the rules that are in the book for MMA, and how each of those articles were never respected in the past, and the R??gie never applied those rules to MMA in Quebec.
  • Patry feels that if those rules are applied to MMA promotions in Quebec, the sport cannot survive in this province.
  • There will be a meeting on Monday between the UFC and the R??gie, and Stephane Patry's lawyers will also be in attendance.
  • Patry that he was not informed 24-48 hours before the debut of Titans Fighting, but was told 2 weeks in advance. He spoke with this fighters to try and save the show, but he was told well in advance despite what was reported by the media. (interesting note is that a few minutes later in the interview, Stephane Patry does say that the decision was made final at the weigh in's).
  • As for James Thompson's comments about not having any gentlemen's agreement, this is disputed by Stephane Patry, who says that on numerous occasions, several people informed not only James Thompson, but everyone involved in his camp as to the rules.
  • To dispute one comment I made, Stephane Patry clearly indicated that Boss?? did not go for a guillotine, but was holding on to his head since he was lifted 8 feet in the air.
  • Dispute rumors to the contrary, the relationship between Patry and Boss?? remains good.
  • Said that New Jersey would welcome him with open arms, but as a Quebecois, he wants to put on shows in his province, but keep New Jersey on the table for future events once the situation is resolved at home.

Stephane Patry is asking fans to send an email to the director of the R??gie, but at the same time, wants fans to stay polite, and simply state that as fans of MMA in Quebec, they need to continue to allow MMA to continue as is. Key ask from Stephane is that fans stay polite and respectful in their commentary when sending the complaint.

The Franchise has also started an online petition, so please show your support!