Jim Kelly Needs to Keep His Nose out of the New York Jets' Business

Rocco ConstantinoContributor IJune 30, 2012

Hey folks, remember Jim Kelly?

The quarterback known mostly for losing all four Super Bowls in which he played?

The guy who threw 28 interceptions in 17 career playoff games?

Well he's the latest to chime in on the New York Jets and the Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow situation, and it turns out that while his opinion was predictable at first, it soon veered directly towards classlessness. 

Kelly appeared on NFL Network's Total Access and was asked his opinion on Tebow.

Kelly had the opportunity to take the high road and simply say that he didn't agree with the move, but he turned the interview into diatribe of wishing an ill-fate on the Jets.

According to Ryan Wilson of cbssports.com, Kelly punctuated his answer with the following statement:

"As a Buffalo Bills fan, I hope there's so much turmoil during training camp, I hope Tebow plays great, he pushes Sanchez, and all of a sudden the locker room is coming apart."

So what we have here is a 52-year-old man, hoping that two twenty-something kids (who incidentally are beyond model citizens in a league plagued by criminal behavior) find it so hard to coexist that it completely tears their team apart.

Kelly has always been a respected Hall of Famer and the Jets have become a league-wide whipping boy, so the comments only made a small ripple in the media.

But what if Michael Irvin or Warren Sapp said something like this? One thing is for sure, those comments would not have just been brushed aside.

Kelly is obviously a Bills fan and has every right to root against the Jets.  But let's do it with class, Jim.

The Bills have been the doormats of the AFC East for over a decade now. After playing more competitively last season, Kelly may think they'll be ready to make a move in the division this year.

His comments make it seem as if Jim is rooting for the Jets to crash and burn. He likely feels this way because that's what will be needed if the Bills are to be taken seriously in the division.

Some of his other comments also make Kelly seem like the bitter old man hoping for his former rivals to fail.

Among some of the other excerpts from Kelly's appearance were, "I don't know what (the Jets) were thinking," "...you know Jets fans, they are going to start booing" and "...I wouldn't have done that unless I got rid of Sanchez."

Not to mention, "people want Tim Tebow in there."

I am glad Kelly thinks that he can read the minds of Jets fans enough that he can make such a generalization.  

"We're number one...if you are rating us by Super Bowl losses."
"We're number one...if you are rating us by Super Bowl losses."

I am a Jets fan and I do not want Tebow "in there."  

I would love to see Sanchez play on the high level that I think he is capable of playing on.  I would also love to see Tebow work as an offensive weapon as an option quarterback or even as a running back.  

I get the idea that that's what a large majority of Jets fans want too.

Kelly also added, "Tim Tebow's a great athlete who's going to be a big plus for somebody. But in New York? I'm not sure."

Kelly's comments seem to be lacking in any real football IQ. Instead, they seem like the hopes of an impassioned Jets hater.

Sure, the rest of the league will laugh because it's the Jets.  But looking at the situation objectively, former NFL stars probably shouldn't publicly wish for a team to be torn apart by infighting and team-wide controversy.

Maybe Kelly's comments were just coming from the frustration that the Jets have beaten the lowly Bills seven out of the last eight times that they have played by a combined margin of 94 points.

If he's still such a big Bills fan, I am sure he's grown tired of the frequent beatings handed down by the Jets.

But still, it doesn't make things right to openly root for the failure of two two young kids who are out there trying to work together to win a Super Bowl, something Kelly failed miserably at.