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One Thing to Do for All 59 Days Until College Football Kickoff

Dan VastaSenior Writer IIIOctober 11, 2016

One Thing to Do for All 59 Days Until College Football Kickoff

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    Yes, the countdown is inching closer to the 2012 college football kickoff. We are down to 59 days—or eight weeks if that sounds better.

    The pure smell of that fresh grass and the gorgeous campuses around the country are just one of the many reasons why college football truly is the best. The blood, sweat and tears will soon be here—but not soon enough for some.

    Fear not, as I have attempted to come up with a resolution for you on every single day until college football officially gets started in 59 days. Some of the activities will be things you loved as children and many should still be part of your life.

    Here is your one thing to do for all 59 days until the 2012 college football season gets underway. 


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    There is nothing better than catching a movie in theaters or on the couch for that matter.

    There are several movies that are coming out this summer (Dark Knight Rises, for one), but a nice and relaxing movie is always enjoyable.

    Plus, heading to a comfortable air-conditioned theater sort of just puts you at ease and helps you forget about anything and everything.

Bucket List

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    The summer is all about accomplishing what you never have attempted, assuming you finally get some time to relax.

    Obviously, working every single day in the summer may take away most of your time, but there should be plenty of opportunities to at least ponder out a "bucket list."

    This is an anything goes type of activity—childhood memories or recent urges, enjoy it all.


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    Playing bags—or "cornhole," as some call it—is one of those summer activities that should never be dismissed.

    Every few weeks I know that I cannot help but run into the game, and whether you play it due to your competitiveness or pure enjoyment, it is great to try in the summer. 

Membership to a Gym

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    Unless you have some weight machines and a treadmill at your own house, going to the gym is an activity that can help keep you healthy now and later in life.

    Getting a membership to a gym does not have to be a daily occurrence (although some go every day) because starting off going once a week is still better than nothing.

Bike Riding

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    Not only is bike riding great cardiovascular exercise, but a long ride equals an enjoyable summer adventure that you should attempt.

    Many feel that bike riding becomes a lost art once you get older, but if you do not exercise or have many hobbies involving the outdoors, this is surely a smart option.

Water Skiing

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    This goes under one of those popular things that I need to try more often, but it is not like there are a shortage of things to do until the 2012 college football season gets underway.


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    “Somebody call the zoo!”

    No, literally going to the zoo is not a bad option to pass the time, whether it is with your family or friends.


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    Perhaps many of you hit up the beach all the time during the summer. Catching some rays and playing some sand volleyball with lovely people is never a bad idea.

    Actually, you do not have to do anything—just sitting back and relaxing is more unbeatable than Nick Saban (almost).

Family Vacation

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    Hit up Disney in Florida or California, the enjoyment cannot be matched and it brings you back to your childhood memories if you have gone before.

    If you have never taken that magical picture with Mickey and Minnie, then you are indeed missing out. It is a great experience and something that is perfect for the bucket list.

Art Museum

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    Some may find checking out art as a boring thing to do on a summer day, but I have not gone to an art exhibit in years, and trying something different everything once in a while is not too shabby of an idea.


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    Some cannot stand sleeping outside or spending a night in the outdoors where the annoying bugs and animals absolutely eat you alive.

    However, it is something that everybody should try at least once in their lifetime (in case you didn’t as a kid). 

Join a Softball Team

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    I love every sport known to mankind, but playing softball or baseball in the summer is king (outside of doing anything related to football).

    Joining a softball team is not only a great hobby to have, but playing with friends makes the summer time just fly by.

    Before you know it, the college football season will be here and you can get back to just sitting on the couch watching every single game on the flat screen.

Go on a Road Trip

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    Take the kids and the whole family to a nice and enjoyable destination. This should not be considered a true vacation destination, because you are simply heading away for only the weekend.

    Many people have their own summer houses that they head off to, but certainly times goes by quick when you're around beautiful weather somewhere on a beach. 

Play Some Football

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    Grabbing the pigskin in the summer and threading the needle is enjoyable, especially if you still have an arm.

    Perhaps you have no arm—not literally, I hope—but can catch the ball with the best of them. Either way, playing catch (especially chucking it deep) makes you feel like a youngster again, and this summer activity is among my personal favorites.

Mountain Climbing

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    Some prefer to mountain bike—which I would file under biking, though to more of an extreme—but climbing a mountain is one of those adventurous activities that will come calling for some. For others it may be thrown to that "never" section, but adventures are always exciting either way.

Caribbean Cruise

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    Going on a cruise with your loved one is always enjoyable, and if you really cannot wait for college football to get going, you could always kill several days living the good life by taking a few extra days from work.

    Plus, any place beautiful and during the summer equals pure happiness.

Volunteer for a Soup Kitchen

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    Having volunteered before, it surely is a great feeling to make a difference in other people’s lives that you do not know on a personal level.

    Helping the poor and giving them nothing but your time is always a humbling experience.

Take Care of All House Chores

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    If worst comes to worst, you could take care of your "honey-do" list and make sure you have everything crossed off in the summer before the leaves start to fall.

    Perhaps you need to get a new garage floor or re-do the basement. Whatever it may be, now is the time to accomplish such tasks if you expect to be able to full enjoy the season.

Rent a DVD, Watch TV

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    Watching television really helps the time fly by because it is easy to catch up on the old DVR from what you may have missed during the past spring.

    Now that the summer is officially here, taping old shows that you may have wanted to watch brings us to the perfect time of the year.

    Even renting a DVD from Netflix or what not seemingly always makes the time go by much quicker.

Learn How to Play an Instrument

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    If you already know how to play an instrument, props to you. Some may have been in the band or just had the gift of playing a specific instrument.

    Even if you have stunk or never tried before, the summer is the perfect time to attempt what you never have even thought of doing before. Who knows, you may just enjoy it after all.  

Go Fishing

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    Many people feel fishing is the most relaxing and enjoyable outdoor activity during the summer. Some have never even attempted to fish, but it sure kills time and is always a solid time to just chill.

Run a Marathon or Train for One

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    Maybe running a marathon without training for one at first is not a smart idea, but many people run a few of them every summer.

    Outside of the great cardio it provides, it also kills time for all you college football die-hard fans out there.

Organize Your Gameday Destinations

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    If you’re a die-hard you will likely go on a road trip to see your favorite team compete on the road this upcoming season.

    Now is the time to make sure you have your tickets and hotels all set up since there is nothing more enjoyable than having a night out around town after seeing your team play (and win hopefully).

Play Tennis

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    Most towns will have local tennis courts to play on whenever you have some available time.

    The summer is normally the best time to get back into playing sports, and tennis is a great sport when you get older since it cannot only be enjoyable, but it also is great cardio as well. 

Play Super Tecmo Bowl (or Any Video Game)

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    Some of you younger folks may still play video games on a weekly basis, but catching up to play whatever system you still have is a must (at least during summer).

    Breaking out the old regular Nintendo is classic, and the greatest sports video game I have ever played is Super Tecmo Bowl.

    Running for over 500 yards and seven TDs in a game with Bo Jackson may not seem like fun, but it is practically a dream come true. The ability to absolutely make the computer eat dirt as you house it on every carry is perfection at its finest.

    Bo knows best and his ability to absolutely gash the opponents in the game is a must if you have never attempted before (so is winning the Super Bowl with every team, even those stinky Colts).

Paint a Room in Your House

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    Some enjoy cracking the joke that watching their rivals is like watching paint dry, but how about actually painting a room in your house?

    This could be thrown under house duties, but painting some unfinished room in your house is always an option (so it seems).

Buy Your Preseason Magazines

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    In case you are way too slow to the draw, now is the time to grab your preseason magazines. 

    Nothing beats going to the bookstore in June or July to find out where your favorite is ranked and projected to finish the college football season. Every magazine is different, so you could just read several of them (or buy several) in case you can’t decide which one to purchase.

Shoot Some Hoops

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    Heading to the gym to shoot some hoops is a ton of fun, but heading out to the backyard is priceless no matter what age you are.

    Grab a close family member or friend and enjoy the beautiful weather that the summer gives us.

    Plus, if you have an adjustable rim, it sure is funny to watch your friends (or yourself) attempt to dunk on an eight-, nine- or 10-foot rim (I hope you could dunk on an eight footer).

Hit Up the Bars

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    The summer is great to hit up some bars to catch up with old friends, but catching a sporting event at a local bar is always a joy. For a die-hard sports fan like myself, it is great to catch any sort of typical sporting event at the bar.

Join a Bowling League

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    Many remember when they used to bowl quite a bit, and then for some reason perhaps you eventually just lost interest. Some have never bowled before (depending on their interest level for the sport), but it surely helps make the college football season get closer to kick-off.

Take a Yoga Class

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    Ricky Williams has accomplished a lot on the gridiron while he was with the Texas Longhorns as well as the Miami Dolphins. However, he, too, was a Yoga master, and this is great exercise that many do on a consistent basis.

Catch the Summer Olympics

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    This year’s Summer Olympics start off on July 27th and go all the way to August 12th. Just because American football is not involved does not mean it is boring.

    Watching America compete (regardless of the sport) against the rest of the world does not come by every summer, and there are always those shining moments that you may never forget.

    Obviously, I am pumped to see what the basketball team can do with all of the likely superstars that will be playing (LeBron, Durant, Kobe), but pulling for Team USA to capture the gold in everything is simply a tradition.

Go Swimming

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    The amount of times I used to just lay around the pool during the summer seems like infinity, but it is not as if swimming is boring. Some may find it as such, but relaxing your body from the scorching weather is always a smart idea.

Volunteer to Coach Little League

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    It shouldn't matter if it is a little league baseball team or camp, helping young kids develop their skills on the diamond or the gridiron is always great to see.

    Many kids do not have the parents and/or siblings to help their game improve, so it is up to many of us to make a difference in their lives. Plus, life should not be just about improving your own life, but making an impact on others.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

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    Planting a vegetable garden in your backyard is rewarding assuming your neighborhood animals do not tear it up. Whether you are watering, mowing and/or planting around your house, it is an underrated summer activity.

Have a BBQ or Go on a Picnic

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    Take the family or a bunch of friends and just go on a picnic for the entire afternoon. Catching some rays, playing catch and some bags, you really can do it all on a beautiful summer afternoon.

    If you aren’t the biggest on picnics, holding your own barbeque is the perfect summer activity on the fourth of July.

Fantasy Football

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    Truly one of the best days of the summer (ultimately one of the last days of the summer as well) is when you have your fantasy football draft at a local bar or perhaps in your own basement.

    Study up on some fantasy football if you expect to win your league in consecutive seasons. Who are you going to draft with your first pick?

    How about that 12th-round sleeper who nobody knows about?

    How late should you wait to draft a defense, and do you take Tom Brady as your third quarterback ahead of breakthrough stars Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton?

    There are hundreds of questions that need to be answered before draft night and once it goes by, there is no turning back.

Go to a Fireworks Show

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    Every year on the fourth of July, I attempt to go to a beautiful display of fireworks. Watching fireworks after an MLB game is special, but being with your loved ones on a national holiday is that much more enjoyable.


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    Hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range is fun, but playing a round of nine or 18 holes is flawless for many.

    Some love to play golf because it is unlike any sport—you are not competing one-on-one with anybody but the course.

    Whether you are hitting up the same links you have since childhood or are attempting new courses, golfing with family and friends is the ultimate leisure activity in my book.

Amusement Park

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    I am not the biggest fan of rollercoasters, but summertime will persuade a bit more than obviously any time of the year.

    Going to Disney and riding the “Tower of Terror” or “Splash Mountain” may be looked upon as a nightmare, but I look at them as an enjoyment of a lifetime.

Hit Up a Comedy Club

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    I can always go for a few laughs and listening to some funny comedians can lighten up your night. It should not matter if it is the most famous comedian—anything even fairly funny on a summer night that you are not accustomed to doing is great to experience.

Hit Up the Casino (or Vegas)

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    Obviously you must be at least 21 years of age, but going to the nearest riverboat casino is something many people enjoy every so often. If you are a master of poker and all sorts of card games, the casino surely deserves a shot.


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    If the other 10 or so activities involving sports does not get you going, perhaps billiards will.

    Even playing darts can be an enjoyable activity to give a try if you have not played in a while.


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    Checking out a NASCAR event in the summer is a must, and attending a Dayton 500 should be on the bucket list if you aren't completely against racing, but this is just another activity to get you through the college football offseason. 


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    The only hunting I have ever done is in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, but clearly hunting is an outdoor activity that is loved by so many.


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    If you have ever wanted to be a professional race driver and could only settle for go-karting, this can be a ton of fun on a summer night. Throw in some mini-golfing and at least for the night you will feel like a kid again.

Party It Up

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    Get some friends together and plan a party so you can let the good times roll!

    The summer is the best time of the year, and accomplishing and knocking every enjoyable thing off your list is a must. If you aren't a fan of the bars, throwing a nice, friendly bash can turn into a great night.

Go Shopping

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    This may sound like a female-only activity, but hitting up the shopping mall can be enjoyable and you do not necessarily have to spend much money.

    An enjoyable walk around a gigantic mall is not only great exercise, but it makes for a great time with all sorts of sports memorabilia luring you to purchase.

Buy a Pet

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    So many already have pets, but it is easy to fall for those cuddly animals, and we see people continue to buy more even if they have a few pets to begin with.

    Whether you are a dog or cat fan, even buying a simple hamster or frog for your young ones can go a far way in life.

Start a Journal

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    I like to call my thousands of college football documents my personal journal, but that does not exactly count for one.

    Start a journal this summer and write down what you did after every single day. Keep track each day and even write in some upcoming and future goals you have in mind.

    Some may be surprised with what they can accomplish down the road, and looking back at previous journals can help remind you about your enjoyable summers.

Try a New Food

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    This clearly is an option that always comes around once a year for myself. Every summer I may try a new food just to see if I fall for it, and you will never know for sure until you try it.

    Some foods are clearly meant for the summer, and if you have not tried them recently, there would not be a better time to try it than now.

Play Cards

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    Many love to play cards as much as nearly any option on this entire slideshow, and I cannot blame them. An entire night can go by with playing hundreds of different card games.

    If you are bored and/or exhausted from a long day at work, kick back, relax and play some enjoyable card games with a few buddies.

Watch or Play a New Sport

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    Following college and professional football, basketball and baseball sure takes up a ton of time, but it is all for the love of the game.

    Attempting to play and follow a new sport during the summer is not a bad idea since true competitors can enjoy anything if they get addicted to it. 

Attend a Music Concert

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    Many people all over the country attend music concerts throughout the year regardless if it is summer, but certainly things spice up in July and August.

    Getting that tent or RV out and sleeping over to see some of your favorite musicians is only getting more popular by the year.  

Read a Good Book

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    Perhaps, you prefer to only read a college football magazine, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    However, catching up on summer reading is always a must if you have any down time.

Purchase a New Plasma

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    I sure love my plasma HDTV’s like they are one of my best friends, but not everybody has one ready in time for the fall (or one in nearly every room of the house).

    Once college football gets going, you better be prepared to sit down on your comfy couch and watch every single game on your gorgeous flat screen. If you don't have one, now is the time to go grab one.

Watch Entourage

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    Yes, this deserves its own slide because it has to be considered one of the best HBO comedy-drama TV series (ever), at least in my opinion.

    Obviously, the eighth season ended last fall (September) and the show is officially completed, but the potential of a future movie certainly has so many pumped for whenever it may be.

    Also, owning each and every season on DVD is a must, and watching one of your favorite episodes or seasons is always a must during the college football offseason.

Attend a Baseball Game

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    Maybe you despise the game of baseball, but it is America’s pastime and only college football is arguably more enjoyable than catching a ball game in the summer.

    I have personally gone to two All-Star Games in my life and I must say it has been one of the best atmospheres I have ever seen.

    Being able to watch every single MLB's top player for their respected team is special and the Home Run Derby ranks high on the list for most entertaining events in all of sport (for All-Star festivities).

    Maybe you don’t love baseball, but an underrated and relaxing sport can brighten up your day and summer.

Keep It Tuned to B/R

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    What is better than following college football on Bleacher Report to help you get through the offseason?

    The days have finally ticked down inside of 60 days as we are now just eight full weeks away from the season getting underway. The excitement is already in the air and the drama will soon unfold with several upsets occurring down the road.

    Who will win the 78th Heisman in 2012, and more importantly, who will hold the crystal ball up?

    All of the questions will slowly turn into answers as we inch closer to the 2012 college football season.


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