WWE Money in the Bank: Rey Mysterio Should Return in the WWE Title Shot Match

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2012

SAN DIEGO - JULY 12:  New cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio Jr acknowledges the crowd after defeating Jericho during the WWE Bash at the Beach event at Cox Arena in San Diego, California on July 12, 1998.  (Photo by Elsa /Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

WWE Money in the Bank is fast-approaching and the contestants in the ladder matches are being slowly revealed leading up to the show.

WWE is starting to recover from some of its roster depth issues with main-event stars starting to make their returns from whatever was keeping them away.

Chris Jericho recently returned from a suspension and immediately gained a spot in the MITB match for the WWE title shot.

Another superstar who is ready to return from suspension and an injury which has kept him out of action for several months is Rey Mysterio.

The high-flyer was ready to return to action a couple months ago, but a suspension put him back on the shelf. With his suspension ending June 25, we could see him return in time for Money in the Bank.

Rey's risk-taking style would be a welcome addition to the match which already has a few names who are not exactly known for their ladder match skills.

Big Show, Kane and John Cena have both been in ladder matches, but their opponents are usually the ones doing the high spots.

Chris Jericho, on the other hand, is a ladder match specialist and, between him and Mysterio, we could see an exciting match despite the other superstars being unable to put on a spot-fest.


Mysterio's popularity is undeniable and his experience in the industry makes him a very valuable talent to WWE, especially when it comes to matches like Money in the Bank.

Having him either return before the event to declare his intent to participate or having him be a surprise final entrant would both be possible ways of bringing him back into the fold.

Rey is a former WWE and World Champion, which makes him a better fit for the Raw WWE Championship MITB match due to how WWE has structured them this year.

Besides the MITB match, there is another reason WWE needs Rey Mysterio right now.

Sin Cara and Hunico are representing Lucha Libre in the WWE right now and Mysterio being included in that feud would certainly raise the profiles of both Hunico and Cara.

WWE seemed to be banking on Sin Cara taking Mysterio's place when he retired or quit and, so far, he has been plagued by injuries, botches and terrible lighting.

Mysterio is the only one who can really show what a star Sin Cara can be because of how similar their styles are and how popular Mysterio is with the WWE Universe..

If WWE was smart, it would have Mysterio revealed as the final participant right at the beginning of the match to create as much of a "big moment" feel as it can.

What do you think? Should Mysterio return to show everyone how a spot-fest is supposed to look?