Buffalo Bills: 2009 Outlook Gloomy

Robert FischerContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

It's hard to live in reality and be a Buffalo Bills fan.

Reality says when you are repeatedly losing games with obvious coaching errors, you should make a change. But the Bills organization's philosophy is to reward ineptitude in favor of "consistency.”

Unfortunately, this policy will most likely continue in the locker room at 1 Bills Drive.  With the 2009 offseason on the horizon, this sobering reality will dawn on fans. We're not playing the lowly AFC and NFC West divisions this season.

Next season's schedule pits the Bills against the AFC and NFC South divisions—this isn't good. There are several teams in these divisions that have postseason experience with one—the Houston Texans—definitely on the rise.

This is not to say Buffalo has inferior talent. On the contrary, I believe the Bills do have the talent to compete with these teams throughout the season.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this article —head coach Dick Jauron. Who among the Bills faithful would make a favorable comparison between Dick Jauron and any other coach in the NFL?

When is the last time fans were confident of the Bills' chances in the final seconds of a game? Can we get at least competent management?

What can we do to rectify this situation and get the Bills over the top? The NFL Draft and free agency will be key.

If the coaching isn't going to improve, we need even more talent to compensate.

Unfortunately, hope of acquisition is stymied in the form of NFL Hall of Famer Ralph Wilson, Jr.

For those of you mock-drafting Brian Orakpo and Aaron Maybin, I applaud your football knowledge.  But in this new model of Bills "consistency,” can you realistically see first-round money going to that position?

Of course, Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay can't get to the quarterback, but hey, they're under contract, and we've got to honor that.

I see Buffalo holding off on a defensive end with their first-round pick, and instead looking for a tight end.  This is not altogether a bad thought, as it is always a good idea to give Trent Edwards an extra weapon.

But for sure, it will be a cost-effective pick for the Bills. One thing that is consistent in Orchard Park is that money and football decisions are never mutually exclusive.

This brings us to free agency. Here again, realism rears its ugly head.  Who was the last major free agent in the prime of his career to pick the Bills?

No, Robert Royal does not count. That pretty much sums up our chances of great improvement through the free-agent marketplace.

As our economy fails, diehard Bills fan can take heart. Wall Street and the Buffalo Bills have been "consistent" of late.