Carlos Eduardo Rocha on UFC Release: "This Is Bullsh--"

Nick CaronAnalyst IJune 30, 2012

Carlos Eduardo Rocha weighs in at UFC 126. (Photo:
Carlos Eduardo Rocha weighs in at UFC 126. (Photo:

Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Carlos Eduardo Rocha has become the most recent UFC fighter to be cut after a short 1-2 run with the promotion.

Rocha debuted for the promotion in 2010, tasting victory for the first time when he defeated TUF finalist Kris McCray. The kneebar submission showed off Rocha's world-class jiu-jitsu game and made him one of the more highly touted up-and-coming prospects. 

Unfortunately, since his UFC debut, Rocha has not since gotten back into the win column. A loss to Jake Ellenberger in February 2011 marked his only fight that year before he got back into the cage in early June 2012, where he lost to Mike Pierce.

Although he had gone 0-2 in his previous two fights, Rocha was not expecting to get the call from the promotion, letting him know that he had been released. The Brazilian let his frustration out in an interview with's Guilherme Cruz. 

“I went there to fight MMA and he wants to win by points. There were 15 minutes of pure mooring. This is bullsh--,” Rocha said. “And UFC fires me after a fight where the guy just stood there mooring. I had good performances and even so I was cut off. I didn’t expect this.”

Rocha complained further about his opponent, Pierce, who made a controversial decision to call out any Brazilian at the June 8th fight card. 

“Wasn’t him the one who said he’d fight any Brazilian because it’s an easy fight? I thought he could come for me but he didn’t. He didn’t attack me on the clinch, he didn’t hit me nor let me hit him,” criticized Carlos. “That’s not MMA.”

Although he is clearly frustrated by the UFC's decision to cut him, Rocha still holds out hope that he will be see himself back in the Octagon.

“Now let’s move on, keep my head up. I never give up," he said in the interview. "I know I’ll get better next time so I can have another chance in the UFC.”