WWE Bill Of Rights: Amendment VII: Impeachment

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2009

We as Americans have had to earn our rights. The road was long and difficult, but we made it through. WWE superstars had to fight for their rights...and representatives, so so what's this amendment?...

Amendment VII - For The People, By The People/ Impeachment

We are a democracy. In our democracy, our representatives are chosen and represent us when decisions need to be made. "No taxation without representation"...remember that one? WWE superstars haven't had much say over who rules them. They don't really get the choose who their representatives were. This can cause an uprising.

The colonists didn't like the way Great Britain were "representing" them, so they ultimately took matters into their own hands.

History repeats itself...even in the WWE.

Vince McMahon's ruthless aggression and relentlessness drove WWE superstars crazy. What are superstars suppose to do? REVOLUTION!

The American Revolution had indeed taken place in the WWE...did you know? That came in the form of the "Attitude Era." Vince McMahon implemented his version of the Sugar Act, The Beer Act. That got a certain rattlesnake really rowdy.

Degeneration X were WWE's version of the Sons of Liberty and set out to sabotage Vince McMahon the King, and his Corporation aka The Parliament.

Vince was eventually overthrown and WWE experienced a little freedom. By the time WWE had some freedom, the Attitude era was over and the McMahon-Helmsley era had begun.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon started to run the WWE nation and Shane McMahon soon joined. WWE superstars would once again experience hard times, as the power couple ran the company.

Triple H wouldn't step down, but an injury would cause him to, and just when the superstars can finally come together and get a "true" representative, more hard times came in the inception of the Invasion era.

WCW and ECW had invaded WWE. Seems familiar? WWE were the British, WCW were the French, and ECW were the Indians.

The French and Indian war also took place in the WWE. The alliance was strong as Stephanie and Shane McMahon led the way along with Alliance general, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Vince and the Parliament would promise great things for the WWE superstars if they went to war for their king. WWE ultimately won, led by Kurt Angle. WCW and ECW, the French and Indians, were defeated and they had moved out of the land that they invaded.

WWE now had tons of land to explore. This was equivalent to the empty American west the colonists wanted to explore.

Vince then went back on his word and passed the Brand Extension Act, which forced superstars to stay on the show they were assigned to. The colonists were forbidden to explore the west, and the king kept them at bay in the 13 colonies.

Vince finally got tired of the superstars whining for representation so he assigned General Managers (GM's) for each show.

RAW had gotten Eric Bischoff, who ruled like McMahon....a tyrant. He punished the RAW stars every chance he got and took them to Admiralty Court aka The Elimination Chamber.

John Cena acted like a Marine alright, as he led the revolution of the new generation. John Cena pushed, pushed, and pushed, after his RAW arrival to get justice and he did.

Vince McMahon and the Parliament finally decided to take some action. Eric Bischoff was put on trial for... Impeachment. Bischoff, McMahon and the court of justice. Bischoff had failed to plead his case, and was impeached as General Manager of RAW.

John Cena, Degeneration X, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the stars who passed this amendment. Vader was a pioneer who was the first WWE/F superstar to attack a high-ranking WWE official when he attacked Gorilla Monsoon in the pre-attitude/early 90's RAW.

Other GM's had to step down or were impeached. Kurt Angle was Smackdown's GM at one point, and was impeached for faking paralysis, Teddy Long was moved to ECW GM from Smackdown following a heart attack, or stroke during his wedding.

Armando Estrada was also Impeached (Released) as ECW GM. Mike Adamle quit as RAW GM before he could be Impeached by Stephanie and Shane McMahon.


Amendment VII Milestones/Progress

DX vs. Corporation - (Attitude Era)

Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon - (Attitude Era)

WWE/F vs. WCW/ECW - (Invasion Era)

Chris Jericho vs. Stephanie McMahon - (McMahon-Helmsley Era/Invasion Era/New Generation)

Mike Adamle's Quitting - (New Generation)

Eric Bischoff's Impeachment - (New Generation)

Kurt Angle's Impeachment - (post-Invasion/New Generation)

Armando Estrada's Impeachment (Release) - (New Generation)