WWE: What Other Former WWE Champions Could Compete at Money in the Bank?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 29, 2012

On Monday Night Raw, it was announced that the Money in the Bank match at the upcoming pay-per-view of the same name on July 15th, will only have former WWE champions participating. Now this seems to be only for the Raw brand and not SmackDown which implies it's only for the WWE Championship.

The participants announced so far are as follows:


The Big Red Machine finds himself in his fifth Money in the Bank match. He won the match in 2010 and went on to become champion, cashing in the contract that same night.

The Big Show

Most recently in a feud with John Cena, The Big Show has been in the match only one other time. That was in 2010, but Kane, as mentioned above, was the one to win that match.

John Cena

For the first time ever, John Cena is in the Money in the Bank match. Some people may think that this is a disadvantage for Cena, but seeing as how he has competed in other ladder matches, and even one of the greatest Tables Ladders and Chairs matches against Edge, we can't totally count him out.

Chris Jericho

My personal favorite and the creator of The Money in The Bank match, Chris has competed in three of the matches as well. However, he's never one the match. Jericho had just returned from touring with his band in Europe and arrived back to WWE just this past Monday. Will this be his chance to hold gold in the WWE again? I hope so.

Normally, the MITB match consists of eight participants. We have four, but with the stipulation that only former WWE champions will participate, is this the end of the list, or are there more to come?

Possible participants?

Alberto Del Rio

Though it's unlikely, as he seems to be in the run for the World Heavyweight Championship right now, is it possible something happens to move him over to this match and away from Sheamus and the World Title?

Rey Mysterio

He's either currently suspended or injured. Either way, he hasn't been on television in quite some time. But is this all just a spin to have WWE bring him in and have a huge pop for him on his return?

The Miz

The former WWE Champion is off filming The Marine 3, but could he show up for one night and go after the brief case again? He was the winner of the MITB match at the first MITB pay-per-view. It's a WWE film he's a part of, so it's very possible to have him pop in for one match. 

Randy Orton

He's also currently suspended for violating the company's wellness policy. Will his suspension be up by the pay-per-view? I don't think so, but there have been issues where the WWE has let a performer come back from a suspension for one night only to have them continue their suspension the next day. 

Those are four more current superstars, but with the big celebratory 1,000th episode of Raw just a week after the pay-per-view, is it possible we could have a legend return to a pay-per-view? Three possible contenders could be:


Mick Foley

The hardcore legend was recently the interim general manager. Will he show up again and make himself a participant like he did with The Royal Rumble? Foley has stated he'd love to have one more match to show his kids what their dad did in the ring. 

Brock Lesnar

His story in WWE right now is that he quit, but it's suspected he'll be back for SummerSlam to take on Triple H. Will they build the hype for that by bringing him back for MITB?

Imagine the explosion they'll have if Brock walks out to compete in a MITB ladder match? If they were smart, they'd keep all the participants secret and then have this match be first on the card so they can get a lot more buys from the audience. 

The Rock

He was in the main event at WrestleMania last year, and he made the claim that one day he would be WWE champion again. Will the great one show up, win the case and then head back to Hollywood with it, so we can wait to see who he's coming after?

I know this sounds highly unlikely, but what if they start the match with only seven people, and The Rock comes out more toward the end of the match to steal everything?

Here's how I would play out the scenario. The Rock wins Money in the Bank and leaves with the case. It's a mystery when he'll cash it in. Cena wins at Hell in a Cell and becomes the new WWE champion. The Rock then announces he'll take on Cena at the Royal Rumble to win the championship from him, and he does just that. The Rock becomes the champion at the Royal Rumble.

But later that night, Cena enters the Rumble match and wins to be able to take The Rock on again at WrestleMania—this time for the title. This time, however, Cena wins at Mania making the battle between The Rock and Cena a tie, leaving it open for The Rock to come back again to compete against Cena. 

The best thing about being a fan of WWE is that you can have a crazy wild idea like this, and someone somewhere will go, "Hey, that could happen."


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