Euro 2012 Final: What the Experts Are Saying Ahead of Spain vs. Italy

Andrew Jordan@@Andrew_JordanSenior Writer IJuly 1, 2012

Euro 2012 Final: What the Experts Are Saying Ahead of Spain vs. Italy

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    It's the game that we have all been waiting for. After 30 matches at Euro 2012, Spain and Italy will face each other with a chance to be crowned champions of Europe.

    There are plenty of predictions to be made throughout the football world (including my own), and it appears that the media is split on who will prevail in the 14th European Championship.

    Here is a look at what some football writers think will transpire in Kiev tonight.

Mark Lawrenson

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    A pundit on the BBC, Mark Lawrenson said that he would like Italy to win due to how tactically sound they have been so far.

    However, Lawrenson believes that because of the way that Spain possesses the ball, he sees a Spanish win.

Phil McNulty

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    The chief football writer of the BBC, Phil McNulty said that he chose Spain to win Euro 2012 before the tournament started, and he is not backing away from his prediction.

    McNulty said that although Italy have improved, Spain are on a mission to cement their status as one of the greatest national teams in history, which will give them the title.

Grant Wahl

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    The lead soccer writer for Sports Illustrated, Grant Wahl predicts a 2-1 win for Italy. Wahl justifies his prediction on how Italy played against Spain in their group stage match, along with a dip in Spain's form.

    Wahl also suggests that this will be a memorable final, with playmakers Andres Iniesta and Andrea Pirlo looking to star for their respective sides.

Will Tidey

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    The World Football Lead Writer at Bleacher Report, Will Tidey predicts a 1-0 Italian win.

    Tidey thinks that Italy will win after the Azzuri's strong performance against Germany, and Andrea Pirlo will be the player that brings them the title.

Michael Ballack

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    An ESPN analyst for Euro 2012, former German captain Michael Ballack predicts an Italian win.

    Ballack believes that Pirlo will be the key man for the underdogs in the final, and also considers that win over Germany to be important momentum heading into the final.

Koi Hodgson

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    For our final prediction, lets go with a fish that is cleverly named Koi Hodgson, whose name may or may not be influenced by England's manager (you can decide if you want).

    Anyway, Koi appears stuck in the past because he is choosing Germany to beat Italy. Granted fish are not exactly the smartest of animals, but I guess Koi still wants to see the "dream final" that we all wanted to take place.

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