Scott Speed: Milk (and Cereal) Does a Body Good!

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IFebruary 14, 2009

In 1999 G. Love and The Special Sauce released a song titled "Milk and Cereal" which instantly became a cult classic. The original video featured G. Love and his young son.

Milk and Cereal is an Internet meme originated by a group known as VT's Finest. The original video features two Virginia Tech students named Matt and Dan lipsyncing to the song. Both students use spoons in place of microphones and utilize a box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and a gallon jug of milk as props.

VT's Finest's rendition became a viral hit which spawned many other video recreations from all walks of life over the years. Simply type "milk and cereal" into You Tube and you'll find videos featuring international flair, Star Wars puppets, and claymation.

One of the most entertaining reproductions comes from NASCAR's own Scott Speed. The video features Speed and his friend, Formula 1 race car driver Colin Fleming, mimicking VT's Finest's "original" right down to the props.

Scott Speed has breathed new attitude into NASCAR with his shameless flamboyant style. Whether it be his freshly painted toenails or his hip-hop couture, one thing is for sure, he isn't afraid of expressing himself. 

It is nice to see someone so comfortable in his own skin able to kick back and just be his fast and fabulous self. NASCAR can be a serious business; it is refreshing to see a true personality emerge from beneath the fire suit.

For a good laugh and a touch of absurdity I encourage you to check out this video!