AkD Presents: The Nickel Vol. 2

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2009

Stephanie McMahon's "Thirst for Power"

Is it me or did everyone just forget about Stephanie McMahon's quest to control Raw?

Dear ol' daddy Vince got punted by Orton, and the McMahons are back together to face Orton and his Legacy. I recall Shane arguing with Stephanie over Raw a month or two back. Shane told her that she'll run Raw right into the ground, and he got a slap for his troubles.

They're as good as new now.

One could use the excuse of a "family crisis" but neither McMahon sibling has really mentioned their injured father lately. What is going on here? I like to call predictions and make assumptions, so I'll go with Stephanie backstabbing her brother. It might not happen, it might 50/50. The no holds barred match between Orton and Shane at No Way Out, is sure to drop some jaws as just foreshadows something big is on the horizon.


Kennedy's Ring Absence/Return

We understand Kennedy was injured, but he needs to come back to the ring. The more talent the better and Kennedy would do nothing but help Smackdown.

His absence wasn't only due to injury, but he was also shooting Behind Enemy Lines, a direct to DVD WWE production film that stars—Mr.Kennedy himself. He should be returning Feburary 22nd at a Smackdown house show as it's being advertised.

Kennedy and MVP in a storyline ,feud or allies, is nothing but good as the two have good mic skills, ring work, and chemistry years back when they faced the Kane and Undertaker in a double storyline feud. Friday nights will get a whole lot more interesting with the return of Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr KENNEDY...KEN-NE-DY!


Miz and Morrison

Remember when John Morrison was the ECW champion? He was a great one. Somewhere along the line, WWE pares him up with Miz. Alright, we have a "cool" tag team of pretty boys, who have their own web show (The Dirt Sheet) and are two-time slammy award winners...so what's wrong?

Morrison is a main event guy. He is top-card talent, who got put in the tag team ranks. It'll be difficult to escape due to the fact of how weak WWE's tag division is. Morrison and Christian could make a great feud if he doesn't get drafted.

Miz is a great talent, but sad to say...he's holding Morrison back. WWE doesn't invest much in their tag teams. Cryme Tyme are pretty solid, but they never get the time of day. Smackdown teams are horrendous as far as I am concerned. Other than Miz and Morrison, we have Legacy member Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiease Jr, Priceless. Miz and Morrison splitting would be a devastating blow to the tag division and I don't know if WWE is ready to pull the trigger on these two anytime soon.


The Punjabi Dead Weight

A few years back, The Great Khali was a threat. The man was a monster. He was a little over 7-feet and he was about 400 pounds and change. He would destroy anyone and anything in his path.

Now we have a face Khali? Ahh man what is going on? I think that F-U...I mean Attitude Adjuster (PG-rating is on) Cena gave him off a truck, really knocked Khali silly. He wears a lay, or however you spell it around his neck as if he's from Hawaii.

Didn't Khali do a kiss cam once? I believe he kissed Mickie James at the slammys too. Khali sure is still quite the monster alright. He should stop vice-griping opponents and vicegrip a big slab of meat and tenderise it because he looks like he's going to a barbecue. Get him some competition (Koslov), make him useful in some way. WrestleMania XXV is coming up for goodness sake. Maybe he should go back to ECW, he was better down there anyway.


Deliverer of Souls

Undertaker is has no opponent for WrestleMania XXV...then again neither does anybody else. This is a reoccurring topic and everyone has their opinion or wants to know who Taker is going to face at the 25th anniversary.

HBK is on top of a lot of lists and is high on mine. One shouldn't draw conclusion from that Taker/HBK segment at the Royal Rumble, but the idea of those two squaring off is a dream match. Are there any other possibilities? Umaga has been thrown around, and so has Koslov, but neither has what it takes nor deserve to be in match of that magnitude.

My favorite is Shelton Benjamin, but I'll probably get shot for saying that, so we'll leave it at no one until something...or someone emerges.