No Jaroslav Halak, No Win For The Montreal Canadiens!

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

The Canadiens win against the Colorado Avalanche last night was all thanks too Jaroslav Halak, he played a spectacular game stopping 46 of 48 shots.

Montreal seemed to be ready to play when the game started, but as the period progressed it seemed like it could go either way.

With Francis Bullion scoring and then Patrice Brisebois making it 2-0.

Will they keep playing hard?

During the second period the Canadiens where trapped in their own end, and with Colorado buzzing like a bunch of hornets at a picnic, they were hanging on by their teeth.

Now the score is 2-1 they keep coming, with Halak stopping everything in sight even it seem's pucks he couldn't see.

The Canadiens kept icing the puck trying desperately to hold on-to the lead, The Avalanche were heard to say Kovalev is not moving his feet tonight, lean on him.

And that's exactly what they did, actually none of the Canadiens seemed to be skating and were out shot in that second period 17-4.

With about nine minutes left in the third period and the Habs continuing to ice the puck the score is tied 2-2 and it looks like Colorado is going to come back all the way, and it will be eight loses on the road.

When the Canadiens find their legs and with a wonderful pass by Mathieu Dandenault to Andre Kostitsyn, he finds a way to score on Budaj.

Now its 3-2 will they win?

Yes! An empty net goal by Tom Kostopoulos ice's it for the Canadiens and the funny thing is he wasn't even trying to hit the goal he just wanted to get it out of their end, because of a Colorado power play.

Did the Canadiens deserve this win? Yes! Did they earn it? No!

This game should have been an Avalanche win, they out worked, and out skated the Canadiens.

Leaving me asking what where the Montreal Canadiens doing?

 Their all-star defence of Markov and Komisarek are a collective -4 in the last four games.

Kovalev looks like he has lost all interest in hockey this year and  can't wait to get back to Montreal.

Carey Price sitting on the bench seemed to have little or no interest in the ongoing proceedings, in fact he looked bored.

They have very small wingers and center men on this Habs team and are pushed around constantly with no push back.

If they don't get some help soon via trade they're going to fall out of contention they are only 10 games over five hundred, with Vancouver next, who are now playing much better than the Canadiens at this time.

Does anyone really believe they can win another game like they did last night?

If they ice the puck and try to hang on again they will be out scored by the Canucks, the answer is to get their speed going and get those legs moving, or you will only be coming home with one win on this road trip.

And you shouldn't have got that one!

One thing really bothered me though, it was Tucker's attempted hit on Brisebois it seemed he was really going after Halak with a leg to his head.

Some things never change!