I Hear Voices Pt.12: Rourke, Flair, Jericho's Next Rumored Feud

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2009

Chris Jericho, whether we like it or not, is stuck in the celebrity/legend match. Jericho briefly feuded with actor Mickey Rourke, who starred in The Wrestler. The feud began on the red carpet of the SAG awards, where Mickey Rourke called out Jericho and Rourke went back and forth on CNN's Larry King Live.

The rivalry seemed all ready for a green-light, which I wasn't really fond of. The lackluster bout diminished as fast as it started. Rourke's publicist released a statement stating that Rourke will not be at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon denied the claim shortly after and dubbed all of theories as "rumors".

WWE.com ultimately confirms that Rourke will not be wrestling at WrestleMania, but will be in attendance. Jericho seemed to have saved himself. He didn't save himself from a butt whooping, but he saved himself from one of the worst celebrity matches in WrestleMania history.

Jericho would find himself trapped in a similar situation again, as he cut a promo on Raw. Even though the Rourke deal caved in, Jericho still took some time to down talk the actor. It was clear that Rourke was just a tangent and Jericho had bigger fish to fry.

He turned his hatred towards the WWE legends. He then talked about how they must always be in the spotlight and don't know when to walk away. Jericho further expressed his disdain for the legends through manifesting it by bashing WWE legend, Ric Flair. He bashed Flair until he was interrupted by John Cena. It was later announced that Ric Flair himself, will be appearing on Raw.

The next week, the Nature Boy did show up and made his way to the ring. Jericho and Flair had a segment together. Jericho completely demolished Flair. He compared Flair to Mickey Rourke's character in his film, The Wrestler.

Jericho tried to help Flair just as he tried with HBK the year before. "You don't need them", he told Flair. "These fans don't deserve entertainment at your expense", he went on. Jericho tried to convince Flair, but he just told him no.

Y2J wasn't going to have it. Flair said that he's done with wrestling. Jericho told him that he doesn't know when to quit just like Rourke's character and that he'll be back for that "one last match". Jericho moved on to tell Flair to do his tricks (taunts) like a dog for the fans. Flair was fed up and gave Jericho a straight jab for his troubles. Jericho wisely retreated and left.

Hopefully WWE has no intention of running a feud between the two. Flair—for goodness sake—needs to stay retires.

We have memories of him. We don't need a return. A Flair comeback would make everything he did last year null and void. His last run, his match with HBK, everything. The 2008 match of the year—considered classic—would be no longer considered such.

No need to worry because by the looks of it, Flair's appearance seems like a one-time thing and that's good for his legacy...and most importantly, our memories.

Jericho had dodged another bullet, but rumor has it that one more is lurking in the shadows. Parents always told their children to don't get near some animals like dogs, because they can be dangerous. Have parents have said to stay away from a rattlesnake?

Yup, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the next rumored feud for Jericho. I doubt Austin will wrestle...but never say never. Jim Ross (J.R.) also stated on various occasions that he doesn't think Austin will step in the ring again.

This doesn't mean Austin can't be involved in the story right? Stone Cold is rumored to appear on two Raw episodes before WrestleMania XXV. They are Feb 23rd in Nashville Tennessee, and March 16th in San Antonio,Texas. Will he show up? Time will tell.

The next Raw is one of the two rumored Raw appearances so we'll see sooner than later. Many questions need to be answer and very will could be following No Way Out, and the Raw afterwards.

One thing for sure is Jericho just might not be able to escape nor save himself from the celeb/legend match at WrestleMania.