The All-Pro-Athlete Lacrosse Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMarch 10, 2008

This one’s for all you lax fans out there.

Imagine, for a moment, that you had the ability to draft any professional athlete from any sport and to train them for an ultimate lacrosse team. If you could choose from anyone, absolutely anyone, who would you choose?

Here are my picks...


Attack (Left): Lebron James

Imagine having a 6’9, 250 pound speedster driving toward the cage. Enough said.


Attack (Crease): Shaquille O’Neal

At 7’1 and 325 pounds, how could you stop him from scoring?


Attack (Right): Randy Johnson

On a man-up situation, wouldn’t you like to see Randy Johnson shoot a 100 mph fastball towards the cage as a lefty? Yea, me too.


Midfield (Left): Nate Robinson

With his speed, strength, and ever lasting energy, he’d be perfect on the midfield line.


Midfield (Face-off): Sidney Crosby

The king of hockey is a passing master on the ice. With a little training, I could see him doing it on the lax field too.


Midfield (Right): Bryan Habana

That’s right, I chose a rugby player. As one of the fastest athletes in the world, Bryan would easily be able to make the transition from a hard hitting, fast paced game to another with the aforementioned features.


Long Stick Middie: David Tyree

David has proved to everyone in the football world that he is willing to take on even the smallest of roles and fulfill them to the best of his ability. I think David can take his special teams prowess to the most specialized position in lacrosse.


Defense (Left): Dwight Freeney

Freeney has a non stop motor, speeding after the quarterback play after play. If you put a long stick in his hands, I think he would smother opposing attackers.


Defense (Crease): Shawn Merriman

Combining massive power with great speed, Merriman is simply a killer. Opposing attackers would run the other way before driving to the cage against him.


Defense (Right): Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Yes I know, he is a little short for the position. However, with his footwork and tenacity, I believe he could become a ferocious defender.


Goalie: Henrik Lunquist

He’s an incredible goalie in hockey, and I believe he could do the same in lax. As simple as that.


So those are my picks. Lax fans out there—let me know what you think.