Frank Shamrock on UFC Hall of Fame Snub: "Dana White Is a Bully"

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IJune 29, 2012

Frank Shamrock - Esther Lin/
Frank Shamrock - Esther Lin/

It could be years before Frank Shamrock is inducted into the Hall of Fame, but he remains confident that one day his name will be called.

The former UFC light heavyweight champ spoke with Takedown Wrestling Media about continuously being snubbed from the UFC Hall of Fame.

When asked if he felt he belonged in the Hall of Fame, Shamrock shook off the question as if it were ludicrous to think he didn't deserve a place amongst MMA's all-time greats.

"Come on. Truthfully, I don't really care. I think my wife is more upset about it than I am, actually anybody else. If they don't want to put me in the Hall of Fame, what's the Hall of Fame for? I guess I just don't understand what the qualifications are because I've dedicated my whole life to the sport.

I would trade nothing for that Hall of Fame, and not that I don't think it's interesting or the people in it aren't deserving, but I don't think it's the real Hall of Fame because I don't think we're a real sport. When we are a real sport, then people most deserving of that accolade will most likely be in there."

Many have attributed Shamrock's Hall of Fame snub to a rocky relationship with UFC President Dana White. The two have engaged in a multitude of battles on Twitter, which elevated to the point of Shamrock actually challenging White to a fight.

During an appearance on Spike TV's MMA Uncensored, Shamrock talked about how he believes his tumultuous relationship with White has left him out in the cold.

"It's definitely personal between Dana and I. To further that, I've done everything that I can possibly do for this sport. I hope that would include UFC. You know, Dana and I don't get along. I think he's a total douchebag and a bully. I just, I got no breath for him."

Should White put his personal feelings aside and honor Shamrock with a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame, or is the former light heavyweight champ undeserving of a spot amongst MMA's most influential figures?