Technical Wrestling: To Be or Not to Be?

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

There are not many matches that get my blood pumping in excitement nor is there many that I would recommend to a friend. When people hear that I'm a fan of wrestling and a huge fan of women's wrestling in particular I usually get the same response; "You know it's not real don't you?" or "Isn't it ten year old kids who watch it?". But I usually shrug off due to the fact of knowing that I have shy'd away from the WWE and TNA.

Due to my viewing habits changing I also changed my response—instead of just ignoring them and carrying on like they don't say anything. I tell them to look at some of the matches that I've seen and try to enlighten them to why I watch professional wrestling for the sport aspect.

These matches that I show them are a rarity as to myself there are many so called "great technical" matches which fall short. The first match that I usually show them is the classic Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit at WWE Backlash 2001. The reason this is first is because it's one of the most true to mat wrestling matches I've seen. It has 20 minutes of back and fourth chain mat wrestling which in today's WWE and TNA, is extremely rare.

The next match that I would show them is a Bryan Danielson match which is as expected as he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the American Independents at present.

The match that comes to mind most (as I haven't seen allot of Danielson's work) is when he competed against Kenta in Pro Wrestling NOAH. The reason for choosing this one and not his epic battle against CM Punk is because this match had it all; it had sound wrestling manoeuvres, holds and counter holds and great high spots.

This match went from inside to the outside and back in again, which shows true variety in a match which is incredible and which is why I like the independent scene in America, as they give the talent the time on a show to do that.

The final match that I would show them is the one that got myself hooked on the womens independent scene; Allison Danger vs. Rebecca Knocks on Shimmer vol. three.

I don't usually "mark out" about a match but this one was the first. The match had amazing mat wrestling and not the usual run of the mill "divas" match. It had amazing mat wrestling, which isn't usual for women, and it had theatrics which made the match even better as it showed that you can have a match of "human chess" and incorporate the entertainment aspect of professional wrestling and make it work.

Those were the three matches I'd choose to show someone which are the three you would choose?

- Steven D