New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Who Got The Better End Of The Stick?

russ autinCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

After months of rumors, and lots of public displays of nastiness, on both sides, the New York Giants finally decided to trade Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints, for their second round and fifth round picks, in the upcoming 2009 draft.

It would seem more than a fair price for a player picked 14th overall in the 2002 draft, especially when you take a gander at his on-field production. Plus four Pro Bowl appearances in six years.

Aside from the general animosity between Shockey and the Giant's front office, he was coming back from a major injury. In fact, he has never played a full season his entire career, missing at least one game in each of his first six years.

But even with the injures, while playing for the Giants, he still caught 371 balls, for over 4,000 yards, with 27 touchdowns. Those numbers really had Saints fans drooling.

Now, to say Jeremy struggled in his first year with the Saints is an understatement. It was almost like someone put a Gris-Gris (pronounced "gree-gree") on him from the beginning, injures, dropped passes, fumbles, poor blocking, and just inconsistent play. Those of you who don't know what a Gris-Gris is consider yourselves lucky.

As the 2009 draft approaches, many Saints fans are having buyers remorse, and would love to have those picks back. A second, and fifth round pick sure could help patch some gaping holes on the defensive side of the ball.

Giants fans are more than happy with the extra picks, mostly because they really didn't miss Shockey, thanks to the fine play of second year tight end Kevin Boss. While only catching 33 balls, he averaged 11.6 yards per catch, and scored six touchdowns. That's six more than Shockey scored for the Saints.

So, it would seem the Giants sold the Saints the Brooklyn Bridge, taking advantage of the rubes from Louisiana, but in my opinion it's to early to tell. First we have to see who the Giants get with their picks. Second we need to give Shockey a chance to prove himself worthy of such a high price.

I have two reasons to think Jeremy will have a career year. first reason, Sean Payton, Shockey was his guy all the way, he wanted him, he got him. Sean will give the tight end every chance to succeed. Second reason, Drew Brees, he has the ability to make anyone look good. With those two guys help I could make the Pro Bowl.

That's what I think . What do you think? Giants fans, Saints fans let me know.