Fantasy Baseball: A Look At The Top Ten Players

Matt ReaganCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

1. Alex Rodriguez- 3B, Yankees ( 2008, 104R, 35HR, 103RBI, 18SB.)

Steroids or not, he is still the best five-tool player in baseball and will have Damon, Jeter, and the newly acquired Mark Teixeira in front of him. Always has a high batting average and is near the leauge lead in HR, RBI, and runs. No one seems to fill the box score quite like ARod. Should be a lock to lead the AL in RBI's with the bats he has in front of him. He will be motivated to prove his detractors wrong and claim another MVP.


2. Albert Pujols-1B, Cardnials(2008 100R, 34HR, 116RBI, 7SB.)

Pujols is a machine who hits for power, runs, R.B.I.,and percentage. Mr. Consistent has hit over .300, scored at least 99 runs, driven in at least 100 R.B.I.'s, and hit no less than 32 HR's every year since he was a rookie in 2001. No other player in history can say the same.


3. Hanley Ramirez-SS, Marlins (2008 .301BA, 125R, 33HR, 67RBI, 35SB.)

A 30/30 guy already, who hits for average and scores runs by the truckload. Look for Cameron Maybin to lead-off, and Ramirez to drop down in the order to the 3 spot. A 40/40 season seems to be looming in the near future.


4. David Wright- 3B, Mets (2008 .302BA, 115R, 33HR, 124RBI, 15SB.)

Could un-throne Arod for the best 3B. An extremely talented hitter who had an MVP type season. Hits for power and scores plenty of runs. Imagine if he decides to start stealing bases again?


5. Jose Reyes-SS, Mets (2008 .297BA, 113R, 16HR, 68RBI, 56SB.)

Wright's partner in crime who is an absolute terror on the base paths. Reyes was the best hitter in the N.L. over the last three months of the season in 2008. He doesn't hit for power, but his steals, runs scored, and good batting average make him a fantasy stud.


6. Grady Sizemore-OF, Indians (2008 .268BA, 101R, 33HR, 90RBI, 38SB.)

Best lead-off hitter in the game and one of the top three OF's. Grady hits for power, scores runs, and steals bases with the best of them. Another 30/30/ lock. He should also improve on his .268 average.


7. Miguel Cabrera-1B, Tigers (2008 .292BA, 85R, 37HR,127RBI, 1SB.)

His raw power behind the plate is tough to match. Will be near or at the top of HR's RBI and total bases. He had a slow start after switching to the AL last year, but once he adjusted he tore the seams off the ball.


8. Josh Hamilton-OF, Rangers (2008 .304BA, 98R, 32HR, 130RBI, 9SB.)

Josh's rise from the ashes finally paid off in 2008 when he was the best player in the AL before the all-star break.If the season ended in July he was your MVP. He ran out of gas down the stretch but still posted eye-popping numbers. Hit for power and average all year. Look for him to get even better and make another run at the AL MVP.


9. C.C. Sabathia-SP, Yankees (2008 17-10, 2.70 ERA, 251K.)

Gotta have a pitcher in the top ten and why not the best pitcher in baseball, on potentially the best team. What he did after going to the Brewers and putting them on his back, as they rode him into the playoffs, was nothing short of stunning. He is a lock for 18-21 wins, a low E.R.A., and a ton of K's.


10. Jimmy Rollins-SS, Phillies (2008 .277BA, 76R, 11HR, 59RBI, 47SB.)

Forget 2008. Jimmy had a bum ankle and never really had a chance to repeat as MVP. He will bounce back and get his average, runs scored, and steals back closer to what we expect from him. One of the most balanced players in the game.