WWE: Jim Ross Should Return to Announcing Duties Full Time

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJune 28, 2012

Jim Ross, side by side with another legend. Image courtesy of All Wrestling Superstars
Jim Ross, side by side with another legend. Image courtesy of All Wrestling Superstars

There was a time in WWE when ring announcers and commentators made all the difference in weekly and paid programming.

It was the golden age of wrestling. The days of Jesse Ventura, Gorilla Monsoon, Gene Okerlund and Howard Finkel.

Watching the good old WWE Superstars of Wrestling and Saturday Night's Main Event was the highlight of my early WWF years and with good reason, as these legends brought that certain magical ingredient to the mix and fed millions of fans for years.

Then, as time went by, people came and went and one new persona made his entrance into the WWE Universe. His name was (and still is) Jim Ross.

Freshly free of WCW, he made his commentating debut at WrestleMania IX at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas dressed up in a toga!

I didn't know it then, but the company had just signed an incredibly talented individual that is now a bona fide Hall of Famer and with good reason. The man is a gem!

Since his departure from televised episodes, the WWE flagship show, Monday Night Raw, has not been the same since. It shows every week in the ratings too. See here.

The ratings fall far from the great days of the "Attitude" era. It wasn't always Steve Austin that did a good job, but everybody that talked about him and yelled and shouted when he stirred up controversy.

Bring back Jim Ross, I tell you! Starting at the 1,000th episode!

Do you really, really think people will stomach three hours of Michael Cole for years to come? Gimme a Hell NO!

He just doesn't have what it takes or provide what the fans need. He would make an incredible manager or promoter of fellow villains, but on air? Just get lost already.

2012 is all about pushing the envelope, breaking down the walls and trying to stay afloat in a fast-moving world. WWE is not spared from such a fate, and if they don't get on the same page with its Universe, then all hell will break loose.

The average fan has had enough of the nonsense and ridicule, and it commands a program worthy of the rich history WWE possesses. Let's not get started on Santino Marella's title reign.

Jim Ross knows his stuff; he calls the action that needs to be called. He brings that legitimacy to pro wrestling like few others can. Paired with "The King" you have a sensational duo that gets the job done AND adds that appropriately executed comedy break every now and then.

With all the movement going on in the company (new network, new shows, Lilian Garcia returning, etc.), it would not be hard to relegate Mr. Cole to Superstars and open up a chair for the legendary Jim Ross. 

Frankly, the programming needs the change, as do the fans.

No one knows what is planned for the big 1,000 on July 23, and one thing is certain: Anything can happen in WWE, so don't be so sure you know everything yet.

If my three wishes are granted, then I'd expect a new WWE championship belt, Kharma returns to win the Divas title and Jim Ross sucker punches Michael Cole OUT of the company for good this time.

All's well that ends well then...