Rocky KO's Opponent In Round 1

noning antonioContributor IFebruary 14, 2009



      Zamboanga’s pride World Boxing Organization Oriental Super Featherweight Champion Anthony “Rocky” Marcial proved again to the boxing world that he is no ordinary fighter, knocking out his opponent in the first round last Friday night in Golpe-Golpe na Zamboanga, in the Southern Philippines.


      Marcial did not waste time in the first round pounded Jovy Merca with 1-2 combinations in the head and body that staggered his opponent in 2:05 seconds remaining time.


      A straight right in the face sent Merca down in the canvass for the first time in 1:50 seconds. Referee Jun Manatad made the ten mandatory counts and Merca managed to beat it.


      But Merca did not survive the relentless onslaught pressed by Marcial and a vicious right straight again in the face finally sent him down in the corner. Manatad did not bother to count as he called the night off for Merca. 


      Boxing fans went wild cheering for the Zamboangueño hotshot for the impressive knockout victory. With this win Marcial improved his records to 12 wins and 11 knockouts with no defeats.


      Marcial’s promoter Sammy Gello-Ani was impressed with his ward’s performance and commended Congressman Erbie Fabian for continuously staging big fights in the city.


      When asked on Marcial’s future bouts, Gello-ani happily replied that he is looking for big fights outside the country before year ends and probably a match against Mexican featherweight kingpin Juan Ponce de Leon. De Leon was the first boxer to knockout Filipino star Rey “Boom-Boom” Bautista, in 2007.


      On the other fight, WBO Oriental Featherweight Champion Eric “Dillinger” Canoy of Cong. Fabian’s Blue Stallion Promotion, displayed a masterful performance against PBF no.1 Elmer Lagaria to win via split decision.


      Unlike his previous fight where he came out aggressive and reckless in the first round, this time Canoy used the ring and measured his opponent strength and established his range.


      Almost all the rounds scheduled for ten, Canoy and Lagaria figured in a brawl and the Zamboangueño orthodox won a one point margin. Judges Rodrigo Balbon and Jun Manatad saw the fight 98-94, 99-93, for Canoy while Abelardo Climaco scores 97-98 for Legaria. 


      It was an off night for Leclec Tañamor and Marlon Canoy who both suffered a defeat against respective opponents. Tañamor was knocked out in the 6th round by Jun Tasic while Canoy lose a split decision over Freddie Martinez. But John Rey Gaspar emerged victorious against Reynaldo Buluan whom he sent to the canvas in the second round.


       It was a huge success for Cong. Erbie Fabian’s boxing program that trooped more than 8, 000, in attendance. Fabian thanked the residents and sponsors for supporting the show. (Noning R. Antonio with photo taken by Dan Toribio)