Yes, Lane, They Are That into You: SEC Fans "IN LOVE" with Kiffin

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2009

It's gone beyond ridiculous. They just can't get him out of their head.

It has become apparent to me that there are some serious man crushes and hang ups going on about Lane Kiffin, give it a rest, it got old after the first five minutes. We have Alabama fans kissing Florida fans and similar acts going on with all SEC fan bases it seems these days, all because Lane Kiffin said this or that, if only you guys cared so much when your players were dealing drugs, beating their girlfriends or got arrested, maybe someone would start to listen.

I'm not sure where they feel all of the demand is coming from or the purpose, if you've read one Kiffin article you've read them all. They all basically say the exact same thing, Lane Kiffin did something stupid by saying something that offended someone, and all of this stone throwing coming from the most thin skinned fan bases in the country if not the entire world.

For the Florida writers, maybe we can write about Channing Crowder's career off the field at Florida, since off the field activity is what we are talking about here. For Bama fans, let's revisit your favorite subjects, though we wouldn't even know where to begin, would it be the payoffs to high school coaches or the drug dealing players or the gun possessions. In the big picture, anything Kiffin has said or done kind of pales in comparison doesn't it?

When people go after your team with facts, you know which teams are the biggest criers and live in the biggest pools of denial, just count the Kiffin articles and you'll find your answer.

I'm sure Lane will gladly send you an autographed picture that you can stare at, sing to, or do whatever weirdo stuff you want to do, because that's where this Kiffin topic is firmly entrenched among the writers, absolute weirdosville.


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