Did Mike Krzyzewski Throw Games for UNC?

John LewisSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2008

Every year the Duke-North Carolina rivalry takes on a whole new meaning.  This year, like so many years, had the ACC regular season title hanging in the balance. 

My question is: did Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski lose earlier road games on purpose so that the game between the tobacco road rivals would have more drama?

Think about it.  There were so many celebrities courtside; Peyton and Eli Manning and Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few.

Well, in order to make this a game of winner take all, Duke had to lose two games in the conference to have an identical record as rival North Carolina.

Think back.  In the beginning of the season, Coach K had his Blue Devils playing their best in two years.  They were No. 2 in the country and alone atop the ACC standings.  Meanwhile, eight miles away the Tar Heels' story was a little different. 

They needed overtime to win a few games, had a couple of games were decided by one or two points.

Then came the first match up between the Devils and the Heels.  UNC was without their starting point guard Ty Lawson.   Duke was able to build a good lead and hold it with key three-pointers.  After that loss, Carolina was two games behind their enemy in the conference.

Two weeks later Duke fell victim to road games at Wake Forest and Miami.  This put both teams tied at the top.  The losses were almost as if they wanted to play Carolina with the conference on the line.  Why else would they lose those seemingly easy games?

The plan backfired on Coach K and the Devils as they lost their momentum that somehow traveled eight miles down the road into Chapel Hill.  Then fast forward to Saturday night when the Heels won a tough road game in front of a hostile crowd.

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person.  What do you think?