A-Rod is Human

RandyContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

Many people have heard enough about Alex Rodriguez and are upset with the recent revelations. The only somewhat sad aspect of the situation is since he is such a high-profile athlete, he sets a poor example to our youth and reflects poorly on the image of baseball worldwide.

But hold on if you agree with the words in the past sentence, If your children need to look up to celebrities, movie stars, actors, singers, etc., then something is wrong with whomever is directing them that way.

Role models should be the parents or adults who are involved with the upbringing of those children. If you are a father then you should be the role model your son/daughter models their life after.

Many personalities will tell you publicly, they don't want to be your child's role model and very few of them act in a way that would be model like.

The other point is though I can't condone what A-Rod and the other admitted steroid users have done to get an edge, let's be real and not hypocritical. We are all taught to be the best we can be and some mean that to be at all cost.

Did you ever cheat in high school on a test? Maybe you didn't but many did. The saying don't throw stones if you live in a glass house applies.

There are many people in this world in all walks of life that will do whatever it takes to be successful. It's almost expected in some quarters, and it's a part of life for many.

Look at how our young athletes are recruited out of high school, any bribes going on there? Any incentives being passed around to parents and athletes who are going to select colleges? Any colleges doing any illegal activities, regarding special favors? Trips, cars, parties, etc. that never happens does it?

On Wall Street, there is no insider trading going on, all business men are honest and never look to take advantage of others to turn a profit right? Many politicians are great role models aren't they? No illegalities going on in Washington, D.C. is there?

The medical field, doctors what a great profession, those dedicating their lives to helping others, any deceit going on there? Unless you are in deep denial, you realize there is deception in this field also.

In any field or profession from lawyers, police, religion any profession you name, there are deceptive practices going on because it involves people. 

People who will do what ever it takes to get over, be more successful, make more money, live in the big house,  buy the big SUV, or whatever their want is.

Does it make it right? of course not, does it involve everybody, no it doesn't. This is a societal issue. Does it make sense for A-Rod to think he needs to live up to the hype? In his mind apparently he did, if you believe the reports.

So cheer A-Rod or boo him as you will, turn in your tickets, maybe become a Red Sox fan, but be clear A-Rod is only a reflection of the society we all live in. A society that has changed and in many ways not for the better.

The players and the game have changed and yet we also know there has always been athletes trying to get an edge in their professions, pitchers/catchers have scuffed balls, used Vaseline or other liquids, batters have abused pine tar, used corked bats, etc. Teams have had the grounds crew adjust the field in a certain way, high turf, grass, and over soak the infield.

Stealing signs from other teams, spying, why do players cover their mouths when they meet at the mound in a baseball game? They are looking to get an edge to win.

With the amount of money involved in sports today, the temptation to cheat must be enormous. Think about your profession, everyone has those prime years when you hope to maximize your earnings. 

Can you honestly say if you had the chance to explode those numbers or reach the zenith of your company dishonestly...wouldn't you be tempted? Your human!