Should the Kansas City Chiefs Have Been Nominated for an ESPY Award?

Farzin VousoughianContributor IIIJune 28, 2012

Outside linebacker Tamba Hali and safety Kendrick Lewis share a celebratory chest bump after a strong defensive effort in limiting the best team in the NFL.
Outside linebacker Tamba Hali and safety Kendrick Lewis share a celebratory chest bump after a strong defensive effort in limiting the best team in the NFL.Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It is that time of the year for sports fans. Each year, fans can cast their votes for the ESPY Awards. This year, there are 33 ESPY Awards that will be handed out later this summer.

Fans get to watch and relive some of the most memorable moments that went down in sports in the past 12 months, while teams, players, coaches and other sports figures are recognized.

One of the most popular categories is the ESPY Award for Best Upset. There are four games up for nomination.

  • Iowa State over Oklahoma State, NCAA Football
  • L.A. Kings, Stanley Cup win
  • Lehigh over Duke, NCAA Tournament
  • Norfolk State over Missouri, NCAA Tournament

Iowa State's win over No. 2 Oklahoma State sure was unexpected, and it was the most shocking game in all of college football last year. This was supposed to be a game in which Oklahoma State should have put Iowa State away early or at least won. This game has a chance to earn the most votes.

The Los Angeles Kings entered the NHL playoffs with the fewest victories, yet they found a way to win the Stanley Cup. Although it was unexpected by hockey fans, it may not win due to the little attention the sport of hockey receives.

On March 16, the game of college basketball experienced a pair of upsets. No. 15 seeds Lehigh and Norfolk State walked away victorious against championship contending teams, No. 2 seeded teams Duke and Missouri. With upsets being a theme early in the NCAA Tournament, one of these two games could win.

While there are four good upsets up for nomination, where are the NFL games on this list?

The New York Giants, a team with the fewest wins among the six NFC teams in the playoffs, defeated the AFC's best in the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. If you don't consider that game worthy of an ESPY Award for Best Upset, then I'll find you one that is.

The 5-8 Kansas City Chiefs hosting the 13-0 Green Bay Packers on December 18. Of course, the Packers are now reigning Super Bowl champions and were seeking to be the first team to win the Super Bowl and go 14-0 the following season.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs were undergoing changes with their football team. Romeo Crennel was in his first game as the interim head coach, and quarterback Kyle Orton made his debut with the Chiefs. It appeared that the Packers were going to have it easy at Arrowhead Stadium.

But the Chiefs did not let the Packers control the game.

Even when Kansas City scored only one touchdown out of five red zone attempts, they found a way to put an end to Green Bay's perfect season. The Packers had momentum all season long and wanted to go undefeated.

But thanks to the Chiefs, that perfect season never happened. Going into this game, the Chiefs were not given a chance by anyone from the national or local media.

The Packers were highly touted as a team that could make history and be the first team in NFL history to go 19-0. Even though the Giants sent the Packers home early in the postseason, it was the Chiefs that defeated them first and proved that they were not the invincible team that fans and the media portrayed them to be.

And in the end, the Chiefs, a team under .500, did the impossible. However, that does not result in a nomination for Best Upset in the 2012 ESPY Awards.

Surely this game would receive more votes than the college basketball games, considering the fact that the Packers were the No. 1 team in the NFL while Duke and Missouri received No. 2 seeds in their respective sport. The popularity of the NHL is not as high as the NFL's, therefore, the Chiefs could easily be competing against Iowa State for Best Upset.

But the decision makers did not allow that to take place.

The Chiefs being left out of the list is unsatisfactory. The Packers were on their way to having a perfect regular season, but the Chiefs prevented that from happening and should be recognized for doing so.