Fantasy WWE Money in the Bank

Will OwenCorrespondent IJune 28, 2012

Fantasy WWE Money in the Bank

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    Hey Bleacher Report! Here is Fantasy Raw and Fantasy Smackdown's showing of WWE Money in the Bank. The two brands have both been putting on great shows the past few months and now they showcase their talents in Money in the Bank.

    Who's going to take a Money in the Bank briefcase tonight? Is Chris Jericho, John Cena, or CM Punk going to take Bryan Danielson's WWE Championship? Only one way to find out, let's get to Money in the Bank!

Match 1: Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match

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    The cage begins to lower as a video package of the rivalry these two have had is shown, highlighting key parts from WrestleMania, through No Mercy to Money in the Bank. 

    Santino Marella comes out first to a big pop, which isn’t a surprise, given how over he is with the crowd. Tonight, it’s different. It’s like he’s close to shaking off the ‘comedy competitor’ tag that he’s had for all these years. 

    Matthews: “Santino’s looking really focused now as he makes his way down the ramp. He’s looking at the steel cage and shakes it to see what he’s let himself in for!” 

    Alberto Del Rio’s music hits now and he comes out with Ricardo in tow. He gets some decent heat from the crowd as he holds his Intercontinental Championship belt high in the air. 

    Striker: “Alberto really has to beat Santino tonight to cement his title reign as one of the best in recent years. He’s held the belt for 84 days.” 

    Alberto looks nervous as he approaches the cage and runs his hand along it as he climbs into the ring. The referee takes the belt from Alberto and shows it to Santino and the crowd, before handing it to the referee guarding the cage door. The referee on the outside locks the cage and rings the bell as this match gets underway. 

    Both men now lock up evenly and it’s a test of strength early on. Neither competitor is moving an inch and they break away. They lock up again and Alberto manages to push Santino over. Santino looks a bit embarrassed. He recovers and locks up again, but this time Santino retaliates and is able to push Alberto over this time.

    Alberto doesn’t quite take the embarrassment as well as Santino and he charges at him, going for a clothesline, but Santino ducks, grabs him from behind and chucks him into the steel cage! Alberto bounces straight off the cage and Santino goes for a quick cover: 1…KICK OUT!!

    Santino drags Alberto up and hits him with lefts and rights before he slaps him in the chest and the crowd chants “WOOOO!!”  Santino whips him into the ropes and as Alberto bounces off, Marella ducks and bounces off the ropes himself, connecting with a huge cross-body! He rolls into a cover: 1…KICK OUT!! 

    Alberto tries to shake off that last hit off and rolls away from Santino. The challenger follows him, but Alberto springboards off the ropes and lands a dropkick, knocking Santino to the mat. Alberto decides not to worry about the pin and tries to scale the cage, using the ropes to climb high.

    He attempts to grab on to the top of the cage and pull himself up, but Santino realises what’s happening and springs up on the top rope, placing his head between Alberto’s legs and powerbombs him off the top rope! Santino now crawls over to Alberto for the cover - 1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    Matthews: “Did you hear that impact? Del Rio could be seriously injured after that HUGE powerbomb by Marella!”

    Santino hits his fists off the mat, trying to get the adrenaline flowing. He climbs to the top rope and looks as if he’s going for his patented cross body, but he stops and looks up at the corner of the cage! He shimmies up to the top of the cage and looks down at del Rio. 

    Striker: “Santino did say that he wasn’t going to run away! He said he was going to stay in the cage and finish the match right to the very end!” 

    As del Rio slowly gets to his feet, Santino flies off the top of the cage, looking for a cross-body, but Alberto rolls out of the way! Santino crashes and burns, hitting the mat and bouncing his skull on the canvas! Alberto now swings his arm onto Santino, making the cover: 1...2...KICK OUT!! 

    Alberto sits up shocked, he can’t believe that wasn’t a three count! He hooks Santino’s leg and goes for another cover: 1...2...BUT MARELLA KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Alberto shakes his head in disbelief but he stands up and drags Santino with him. Santino can barely stand. 

    Matthews: “Matt, it looks like the lights are on, but nobody’s home! Marella looks out of it!” 

    With Santino staggering, Alberto attempts an enzuigiri, but Santino blocks it, spinning del Rio around and Santino connects with the Milan Miracle! Santino falls on top of Alberto for the cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!!

    Santino doesn’t move off Alberto as both men lay there unconscious. The ref’s got no choice but to start a ten count – 1…2…3…4 - neither man is stirring – 5...6...7 - Alberto now shrugs Santino off of him and begins to get to his feet, using the ropes - 8… - Alberto’s now on his feet as the count reaches 9 and he walks over to Santino, kicking him in the head to keep him down.

    Marella still hasn’t moved since hitting the Milan Miracle. Alberto now grabs hold of Santino’s arm and applies the cross arm breaker to him!! Santino starts flopping around, trying to move away so he can break free, but he can’t find a way out!! Alberto wrenches back on the arm as Santino screams out in pain and it looks like he’s about to tap out!! 

    Santino somehow manages to use his good arm to break the hold! He gets to his knees and punches del Rio in the gut, winding the champion! Santino slowly gets to his feet and lands a boot to del Rio’s mid-section, before connecting with a knee-breaker!

    With del Rio down, selling the damage to his knee, he then manoeuvres Alberto’s legs around into the figure four leg lock and locks in the hold!! The crowd explodes when Marella locks in the hold, chanting “WOOOOO!” in a show of respect to Flair. 

    Striker: “Marella paying tribute to the legendary ‘Nature Boy' Ric Flair by locking in his patented submission hold, the figure four leg-lock!” 

    Alberto flounders around the ring as he tries to reverse the hold, but he can’t do it! Santino has a tight grip and is barely budging! He’s wrenching back on del Rio’s knee and leg, increasing the pressure.

    Alberto’s screaming in pain. He realises that there’s no way for him to escape. Del Rio is in too much pain and taps out, as the referee rings the bell!

    Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion): Santino Marella (Match Time – 11:56) 

    After breaking the hold, Santino falls to his knees in celebration and the referee hands the title to him! Del Rio slinks out of the ring now as the cage is lifted. Santino gets the referee to strap the title around his waist as he raises his hands in victory! 

    Matthews: “It’s been a long journey for Santino, but it’s all been worth it as he regains the Intercontinental Championship! Without a way to cheat or to get someone to interfere, Alberto simply couldn’t get the job done. Congratulations, Santino!”

Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett in a Hardcore Match

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    Barrett makes his way to the ring to a decent reaction. Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the fans give him a warm reception. He paces down the aisle and Barrett leaves the ring to greet him.

    Mysterio ducks under Barrett's clothesline and fires away with kicks to the legs of Barrett. This being a hardcore match, the bell rings. Mysterio backs away and charges straight into a big boot by Barrett.

    Barrett tries for a suplex on the outside early on but Mysterio slides out and dropkicks Barrett in the back sending Barrett a good couple of metres towards the Titantron.

    Mysterio tries to push Barrett into the Titantron screen but Barrett reverses and drives Mysterio into it and follows up with a hard clothesline on the outside. Quick cover by Barrett, 1…2 – Mysterio kicks out.

    Barrett drags Mysterio back toward the ring and then drives Mysterio into the ring apron. Barrett looks under the ring and pulls out a Kendo stick. He waits for Mysterio to get up before he swings with it but Rey ducks and dropkicks Barrett down to one leg.

    Mysterio picks up the Kendo sticks and connects with the side of Barrett's head. Mysterio covers, 1…2 – Barrett kicks out.

    Rey jumps up to the apron and awaits Barrett. Barrett gets to his feet only to be on the receiving end of a sitting senton by Rey! Cover by Rey, 1…2...Barrett kicks out again!

    Rey finds a trash can lid underneath the ring and motions for Barrett to get up and Barrett hits Rey low and takes the lid from him. Barrett smashes Rey across the head with the trashcan lid dropping Mysterio. Rey gets thrown into the ring and Wade follows him.

    Barrett brings in the trash can lid also and places it in the corner between the top and middle rope. Rey hasn’t noticed the trashcan lid in the corner yet as Barrett tries to lure him into it. Rey too stands in the opposing corner.

    Barrett, becoming impatient, charges at Mysterio, who moves out of the way. Barrett hits the turnbuckle hard and on the rebound tries to charge again and Rey hits a drop toe hold into the trashcan. Cover by Rey, 1…2...Barrett kicks out!

    Rey goes to the ring apron and hits a springboard legdrop on Barrett. Another cover by Rey, 1…2 – Barrett kicks out again! Barrett smartly rolls to the outside and Mysterio follows. As Barrett passes the steel steps, he boots them into Mysterio.

    He grabs Rey by his tights and throws him into the fans to allow himself some time to catch his breath. Barrett pushes the timekeeper off of his chair and grabs hold; meanwhile, Mysterio is still out.

    Barrett steps over the barricade with the chair and smashes Mysterio several times in the back with it. Barrett roughly throws Rey back over the barricade. Barrett follows and covers Rey on the outside, 1…2...Rey barely kicks out!

    Barrett throws Rey back into the ring and pulls a table out from underneath the ring. He sets the table up across the apron and barricade and then follows Rey into the ring. He manhandles Rey to the apron and steps out onto it with Rey.

    Barrett sets Rey up for the Wasteland but Rey wriggles free and tries to push Barrett through the table, but Barrett firmly holds on to the ropes. Barrett hits Rey with hard elbows to the side of the head, and Rey falls from the apron down to the floor.

    Barrett, now annoyed with the fact that he couldn’t put Rey through the table, looks around for the steel chair he had before. Barrett calls for Mysterio to get to his feet but Wade doesn’t realise Rey brought the Kendo stick up with him.

    Barrett goes swing the chair, but Rey swings the Kendo stick at Barrett and connects with a hard hit to Barrett’s side. 

    Rey jumps to hit hard forearms to Barrett and that pushes Barrett onto the table. Rey slowly goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Barrett slides off and Rey drops back down to the apron.

    Rey goes to use the steps and Wade kicks them out from underneath him and catches Rey in a Wasteland position. Wasteland through the table! 1…2…3! (10:23)

Match 3: Raw's Money in the Bank Match

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    The ladders are set up in the middle of the ring as each superstar enters individually. Kane gets normal heat (he has made only two appearances since his loss at WrestleMania). DiBiase receives a small reaction but he looks determined.

    Dark Thunder (Mark Henry and Abraham Washington) enters together for good heat. Kassius Ohno gets the most heat. Drew McIntyre receives a strong reaction. Mason Ryan comes in for a neutral reaction while finally, Justin Gabriel gets a great pop from the crowd.

    The bell rings and immediately Ohno teams up with Dark Thunder (as three of Mr. McMahon’s stable members). They immediately team up on Drew McIntyre and Ted DiBiase: Henry hits a scoop slam on DiBiase while Ohno holds McIntyre, allowing Washington to pummel him with rights.

    Justin Gabriel heads out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He brings it into the ring but is immediately big-booted by Mason Ryan. Ryan sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, but doesn’t climb. He looks at it and then goes to fight Kane.

    Jerry Lawler: “Look that buffoon Mason Ryan, who wants to go fight the scariest man on Raw, Kane. I gotta tell you JR, the combined IQ of those two men is probably 150, but together they could bench press 800 pounds.”

    JR: “Yes, both Kane and Ryan are two physical specimens in their own ways. At such a young age, Ryan’s strength, mixed in with the leadership from Regal, the developing wrestling ability, and the fear he strikes in his opponents, could mean some world championship reigns in his future.”

    McIntyre rolls out of the ring after so many punches. After Gabriel gets up and sees McIntyre getting up outside of the ring, he decides to go for a diving crossbody out of the ring. He hits it on McIntyre and the two take a long time to get up.

    Back in the ring, Mark Henry and Abe Washington are trying to take out DiBiase, since Kane and Ryan are still in the middle of their own conflict. Washington lands a spinebuster, followed by a sidewalk slam from Henry. The two of them now guard the center of the ring as Ohno begins to climb the ladder, seeking that briefcase.

    He is only two steps from the top and begins extending his arms when Justin Gabriel hops on the top rope (right behind Ohno) and lands a jumping dropkick on Ohno’s back, causing him to lose balance and fall off.

    JR: “What a veteran move from Gabriel. He has the same guts that Shelton Benjamin brought to many of these matches.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Veteran or stupid? He’s jumping around like a jumping bean. Superstars like Gabriel generally go on to have short careers.”

    McIntyre gets back into the match and goes for a running bulldog on Washington, which he hits, but Henry immediately overhead presses him and throws him over the top rope, back outside of the ring.

    Kane gets the upper hand in his battle with Ryan, hitting a chokebomb into the turnbuckle. Kane and Henry lock eyes and try to go one-on-one, but that is halted when Washington gets up again and nails a running elbow to Kane’s temple. Kane looks completely knocked out.

    Gabriel gets up and goes to climbing the turnbuckle but this turned out to be a very stupid error on Gabriel’s behalf as Henry and Washington are standing right next to the ladder. Rather than pushing the ladder over, they pick it up and start moving it near the ropes.

    Then, using all of their might and then some, they jerk the ladder to the right, causing Gabriel to thrust out of the ring and through the announcer’s table in what turns out to be one of the big spots of the match.

    DiBiase finally gets up after a spinebuster and sidewalk slam. He comes from behind and dropkicks Mark Henry, who cannot handle his weight and consequently topples over the top rope. The ladder is now about to fall over.

    In a great turn of events, DiBiase catches it and holds it long-ways with the side facing outwards. He drills the ladder into Washington’s head, causing him to fall over the top rope and land next to Henry.

    Jerry Lawler: “Look, that’s both of members of Dark Thunder lying on the ground helpless. You’ll never see that again.”

    JR: “Ted DiBiase got up with a missile on his back and now he has all of the momentum in winning this match.”

    Ted DiBiase now opens the ladder and begins to climb. Mason Ryan climbs up the ladder as well. The two of them are exchanging rights. Ohno tries to tip the ladder over, but has a little trouble, so he leaves the ring and re-enters with a second ladder. He situates it adjacent to the other ladder and climbs.

    All 3 of them are at the top of the ladder. Drew McIntyre runs into the ring and looks to enter the commotion atop the ladder. He climbs on the same ladder that Ohno is on. Ohno hits an elbow to the face of McIntyre, followed by a strong right. McIntyre almost flies off but he catches himself just before falling.

    Ryan hits a weak left to Ohno’s nose, but it causes it to bleed. Ryan then hugs Ohno, and holds him in a spinebuster like move. Ryan then picks Ohno’s legs up and puts them around his neck, in powerbomb form.

    Jerry Lawler: “No Way! Ryan is going to powerbomb Ohno off the ladder. This is a profound move at Money in the Bank!”

    Mason Ryan yells “MASON BOMB!” but just before he “bombs” Ohno off the ladder, McIntyre pushes Ryan causing Mason and Ohno to go down together. Ryan completes the powerbomb but still winds up lying in the middle of the ring.

    It’s now left to McIntyre and DiBiase on top of the ladder, both eyeing that priceless briefcase. DiBiase moves over to the other ladder, as it is now closer to the Money in the Bank briefcase.

    McIntyre and DiBiase start trading right after right with McIntyre gaining the upper hand. McIntyre goes for the suplex off the top of the ladder.

    He tries lifting DiBiase with all of his might but DiBiase holds on and responds by pushing McIntyre’s face onto the top step of the ladder. McIntyre is very groggy and consequently, is easily pushed off by DiBiase.

    DiBiase gets a huge pop from the crowd as he tries to unhook the briefcase. He gets to the top of the ladder and unhooks the briefcase!

    JR: “DiBiase’s done it! He’s Raw’s Money in the Bank Winner!”

    DiBiase sits on top of the ladder showing off the briefcase in happiness, with the crowd behind him, chanting “Di-Bi-Ase!” repeatedly.

    JR: “What a great story! His father’s a legend in his own sense and now DiBiase has the opportunity to put World Championship gold in his credentials.” 

Match 4: Bryan Danielson vs. John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk Elimination

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    Before the match starts, we get a video recapping how these four men came together, reviewing the Cena/Jericho and Punk/Danielson feuds.

    Making his way to the ring first is John Cena, who gets a more positive reaction than usual. He makes his way to the ring looking intense and focused. Next out comes the former WWE Champion CM Punk. He gets a thunderous reaction from the crowd. 

    He’s followed to the ring by the most dangerous man in the match, Chris Jericho. The last man to enter is the current WWE Champion, Bryan Danielson, who takes great delight in reminding the crowd that he’s the WWE Champion!

    Tony Chimel does the formal ring introductions and this match is underway! Punk and Danielson start trading blows as Cena makes a bee-line for Jericho, sending him flying to the outside with a spear through the ropes. Cena and Jericho continue fighting outside the ring as Cena repeatedly smashes Jericho’s head off the announce table! 

    Cena turns and screams “Come on!!” to the crowd as he continues his assault on Jericho. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Punk whips Danielson off the ropes and catches him with a short power-slam and covers him:1…2…KICK OUT!!

    Back out on the floor, Cena tries to smash Jericho’s head off the ring-steps, but Jericho blocks it and smashes Cena’s head off the steps instead, busting him wide open. 

    Matthews: “Matt, Cena’s injuries have come to light once again. It took just ONE shot from Jericho off the steps to bust him open!” 

    Striker: “Without question Josh, it may have been a bad idea for Cena to even have attempted to compete in this match!” 

    The camera zooms in on Cena’s face as we see the blood flowing down, covering his eyes. Cena’s swinging lefts and rights, but he isn’t connecting. Jericho just stands back and laughs at Cena.

    Back in the ring, Punk and Danielson exchange kicks with neither man getting the advantage until Punk runs off the ropes, Danielson ducks the clothesline and nails Punk between the eyes with a dropkick. The champ goes for a cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    On the outside, Jericho puts Cena over his shoulders and launches him head-first into the ringpost! Cena’s laid out on the outside with Jericho just smirking at him. He picks Cena up and rolls him back in the ring. He goes for the cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!!

    Jericho looks pissed as the referee’s hand doesn’t hit the canvas a third time. He runs off the ropes and goes for a lionsault, but Cena’s back to his feet and catches him! As Cena goes for the AA, Jericho manages to counter it and slides off his shoulders.

    As Cena turns around, he lunges at Jericho, but Jericho connects with a Code-Breaker! Cena’s out cold. Jericho puts his foot on Cena’s chest for the cover – 1…2…3!!! 

    First elimination – John Cena (5:23) 

    As Punk gets to his feet, Jericho and Danielson look at each other and they start double-teaming Punk. Jericho drags Punk up and whips him off the ropes. Danielson & Jericho go for a double clothesline, but Punk ducks it, bounces back off the ropes and connects with a double drop-kick!

    The crowd is SOLIDLY behind Punk here, as he whips the crowd into a frenzy! Danielson rolls to the outside, leaving Punk and Jericho to battle it out in the ring. They exchange a series of lefts and rights before Punk connects with a huge kick to the side of Jericho’s head! Punk rolls into a cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!!

    Punk climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying elbow. He covers Jericho again: 1…2…KICK OUT!!

    Jericho gets to his feet slowly and charges at Punk, but he ducks and trips Jericho with a drop toe-hold which sends Jericho head-first into the turnbuckle! As he stumbles out of the corner, he turns around into a GTS from Punk! Punk floats over for a cover: 1…2…3!!! 

    Second elimination – Chris Jericho (9:07) 

    Matthews: “It’s no surprise that this match has come down to the two men who have been battling over the championship since before WrestleMania!” 

    Striker: “These two men are now just one pinfall away from victory. Danielson has had the upper-hand in their title matches so far, but will it stay that way tonight? We’re about to find out!” 

    Danielson rolls back in the ring and stands in the opposite corner from Punk. Both men stare a hole through each other and charge towards each other. Danielson tries to connect with a right hand, but Punk ducks it and whips him off the ropes, connecting with a short-arm clothesline.

    Danielson gets straight back up and swings another right hand at Punk, but again he ducks it, goes behind the champ and connects with a German suplex. Punk keeps hold of Danielson’s waist and connects with another German suplex.

    Again, Punk doesn’t let go and connects with a third German suplex! He rolls into a cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    Danielson is out of it in the middle of the ring, he hasn’t moved. Punk drags him to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges after him and nails him with a high knee before connecting with a running knee! He goes into a cover: 1…2…KICK OUT!! Danielson looks like he’s still feeling the effects of the match and is still down on the mat. 

    Matthews: “Punk looks like he’s ready to capitalise and perhaps win the title!” 

    Punk tells us that it’s time for the champ to go to sleep. Danielson stumbles to his feet and turns around into a huge GTS from Punk! The champ looks like he’s knocked out from that huge knee from Punk!

    Instead of going for the cover, Punk climbs to the top-rope and steadies himself. He points to the skies and flies off the top-rope, looking for an elbow drop, but Danielson catches him in mid-air and locks in the LaBell Lock! 

    Striker: “Danielson was playing possum! He tricked Punk into taking one chance too many and now the challenger’s paying for it!” 

    Danielson wrenches back on Punk’s neck and shoulder, really putting pressure on him! He’s got the hold really tight and it’s right in the middle of the ring.

    Punk tries to get some elevation to roll through it, but Danielson keeps his grip, yelling at Punk to tap! Punk attempts to reach the ropes, but Danielson pulls him back to the middle of the ring, and Punk has no choice but to tap out!! 

    Winner (and STILL WWE Champion): Bryan Danielson (Match Time – 17:41) 

    As the referee rings the bell, Danielson jumps to his feet in celebration. He orders the referee to raise his hand and the ref obliges. With Punk still down, Danielson picks him up to his feet and throws him shoulder first into the steel ring-post!

    The referee tries to stop him, but Danielson punches the ref straight in the face, knocking him out! Danielson continues his assault on Punk and throws him to the outside. 

    Danielson then sling-shots Punk into the ring-steps and Punk screams out in agony. The champ tells Tony Chimel to get out of his way as he picks up a steel chair. He walks over to Punk and smashes him between the eyes with the chair!

    Punk’s down selling the chair shot, but Danielson doesn’t look like he’s done. He looks at Punk and looks at the steel chair as a sick smile comes across his face! Danielson turns Punk on to his back and puts his arm through the steel chair! 

    Matthews: “Don’t tell me he’s going to do this. He can’t. What the hell is Danielson thinking?” 

    Striker: “He wants to make a statement and take Punk out. This might be the best way to do it!” 

    Danielson wrenches Punk’s arm through the chair in a modified LaBell Lock. He’s ripping and tearing at Punk’s shoulder, using the chair to do some extra damage!

    The crowd is ALL over Danielson, booing him and cheering for Punk to get out of it! Punk is screaming in agony and can’t get out of the hold!

    The champ continues wrenching on the hold until referees and officials come down to the ring to break them up. It takes three men to get Danielson off Punk and eventually, he breaks the hold.

    Danielson looks incensed and almost rabid. Before officials can get Punk to his feet, Danielson breaks free and punts him in the head! 

    Officials grab Danielson and force him back up the ramp as he screams “Best in the World!” to the crowd, as they boo him out of the building. Referees and medics check on Punk’s condition, before asking EMT’s to come down as Punk leaves the ring on a stretcher.

Match 5: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

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    Massive face reaction as Randy Orton’s music hits. Orton has nothing but pure intensity in his eyes as he makes his way down to the ring. Sheamus’ music hits and there is some heat with a few definite cheers as well for the big Irishman.

    J.R.: People at home this is not going to be the old Catch as Catch can wrestling classic this is going to be a straight up fight!”

    The bell rings and both men fire out of their corners with hard right hands. Sheamus backs Orton into the turnbuckle and tries for a big swing and Orton ducks under.

    Both men now lock up in the centre and Sheamus powers Orton into the corner and the Viper rubs his palm across the face of Sheamus until he breaks the lock. Hard right hands by Orton followed up with a knee to the midsection. Snap suplex by Orton gets a quick near fall.

    The Irishman rolls to the outside and Orton follows. Orton walks into a very hard chop by Sheamus and Orton retaliates with a hard right hand. Sheamus backs up against the barricade and Orton charges at him only to be dropped hard on it.

    Sheamus rolls in to break the ref's count and then continues the assault on the outside. Sheamus attempts to slam Orton into the steel steps and counters with hard elbows to the gut of Sheamus.

    Orton throws Sheamus back into the ring. Orton drops a big time knee and goes for a cover, 1...2...Sheamus powers out.

    Orton drags Sheamus into the corner and stomps away at the chest of Sheamus. The ref pulls Orton off and Sheamus uses the ropes to pull himself up and attempts a Brogue Kick, Orton ducks but is met with a very stiff clothesline. Cover by Sheamus, 1...2...Orton kicks out.

    Sheamus locks Orton in a front face lock and hits clubbing forearms to Orton’s lower back and then swings him off.

    King: Look at the physicality between the two of these Superstars. They are setting up for a war!

    Sheamus drives his knee into Orton's lower back pulls up on Orton's head and neck. Orton manages to get his foot to the bottom rope and the referee breaks the hold. Sheamus lifts Orton to his feet and Orton eye gouges his way of the lift.

    Boots to the midsection by Orton his Sheamus hard and Orton goes off of the ropes and Sheamus catches him into a hotshot on the opposing ropes. Cover by Sheamus 1...2 – Orton kicks out. Sheamus looks over to the referee in frustration.

    Sheamus pulls Orton back up and attempts to suplex Orton out of the ring but Orton lands on the apron. Sheamus tries for clothesline but Orton ducks and hits a shoulder to the gut. He pulls Sheamus out onto the apron with him now and the two trade blows on the apron.

    J.R.: King both men have found themselves in a real dangerous position here!

    King: Ross, I can see it, this is gonna end badly!

    Sheamus gets the better of a very bad situation with clubbing forearms to the side of Orton's head and hits a sickening Irish Curse smashing Orton's back into the ring apron! The crowds in awe! A Holy Sh*t chant breaks out throughout the arena.

    J.R.: Good God almighty it’s over, all Sheamus needs to do now is throw Orton back into the ring and it’s over!

    Sheamus throws Orton back into the ring. Sheamus covers Orton, 1...2...Orton barely kicks much to the delight of the fans. Sheamus is irate! Sheamus gets up and walks over to the corner and sets Orton up for the Brogue. He slaps his chest as Orton ever so slowly makes his way to his feet.

    Orton's back gives out on him causing Sheamus to miss the Brogue kick and turns straight into a powerslam by Orton. Orton barely covers Sheamus, 1...2...Sheamus kicks out!

    Orton uses the ropes to slowly get back to his feet as he awaits Sheamus. The big Irishman gets to his feet also and both men break out into a fist war! Rights and lefts connect from both men with Sheamus getting the better of the fist war.

    Orton out of nowhere hits a hard clothesline and Sheamus bounces back up only to receive another hard clothesline. Orton tries for another clothesline but Sheamus catches him in an Irish curse! Cover by Sheamus, 1...2...Orton barely kicks out again!

    Sheamus sets up for another Brogue Kick and this time Orton ducks under and attempts an RKO but is pushed off. Brogue kick by Sheamus is countered into a school boy: 1...2...3! (11:00)

    Winner of the match by pinfall: Randy Orton

Match 6: Smackdown Money in the Bank Match

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    We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler to kick off the next match as ladders are set up everywhere. Christian comes out next, followed by Chris Masters and Jack Swagger. The last two men out to the ring are Cody Rhodes and The Miz. 

    The bell rings as the superstars pair off with each other. Ziggler and Rhodes go at it, Masters and Swagger exchange blows and Miz & Christian swap lefts and rights. Swagger dumps Masters to the floor with a huge suplex and keeps him down by hitting him with a ladder.

    Christian and Miz both run at each other with ladders until Swagger comes in and runs them down with a bigger ladder. Swagger, Christian and Miz go at it now. Masters tries to come back in but gets taken out again.

    Ziggler leaps off a ladder and takes Swagger to the floor with a cross-body. Christian sends Miz to the floor, but Rhodes takes him out as soon as his back is turned. 

    Swagger sets a ladder up and begins to climb towards the briefcase. Christian gets back to his feet, climbs to the top rope and dropkicks the ladder.

    The ladder topples with Rhodes on it and he falls to the outside, taking out Swagger, Masters and Miz! Ziggler pushes the ladder over and it lands on Miz’s knee. Miz starts screaming in pain. 

    Matthews: “It looks like that ladder landed badly on Miz there. He’s in tremendous pain!” 

    Ziggler and Christian go at it now. Ziggler climbs the ladder, but Christian stops him as we see officials helping Miz to the back. Lots more action on the ladders, but in the end, Ziggler is the one left standing. Ziggler leaps over Swagger and lands on the ladder.

    Swagger climbs to meet him and both men exchange right hands at the top of the ladder. Cody Rhodes spots an opportunity and topples the ladder, sending Ziggler and Swagger crashing to the mats outside the ring! 

    Rhodes starts to climb the ladder, but Masters stops him and powerbombs him off the ladder, shaking the ring with impact! As Masters goes to climb the ladder, he’s met by Christian and both men make it to the top and exchange shots.

    Swagger gets back to his feet and rolls into the ring at the same time as Ziggler. They take Masters and Christian off the ladder and clothesline them over the top rope to the outside. Swagger turns around into a huge dropkick from Ziggler that knocks him over the top rope!

    As Ziggler goes to set up the ladder underneath the briefcase, Rhodes comes in and hits him with Cross Rhodes! With Miz out of it through injury and Ziggler down in the ring, Rhodes spots the other three men on the outside and sets up a ladder near the ropes.

    He looks at the three men on the outside, then looks at the briefcase and climbs the ladder. He steadies himself at the top of the ladder as Christian, Swagger and Masters slowly get to their feet.

    Cody looks at the fans and shrugs his shoulders as he flies off the ladder, connecting with a huge cross-body on the outside! Rhodes’ momentum from the fall sends him crashing head-first into the announce table and knocks him out cold! 

    The crowd starts chanting for Ziggler as he slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes to get up. He looks around the ring and can’t see anybody! The crowd chants for him to climb the ladder and get the briefcase!

    With his opponents out of it, Ziggler stands up a ladder and climbs for the briefcase, winning the match and a shot at the WWE Title!! 

    Smackdown MiTB match winner: Dolph Ziggler (Match Time – 16:19)

Main Event: Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    We get a lengthy video package recapping the past events that have occurred between Seth Rollins, Vince McMahon and The Federation. There’s a lengthy pause before the first entrance. Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he alongside Vince McMahon are greeted with resounding boo’s.

    The big man looks cool, calm and collected on his way to the ring. Seth Rollin’s music hit and the fans welcome him with a very nice reaction. He stalls for a few moments before he rushes into the ring and he and Lesnar do not wait for the introductions as they start trading right hands. The bell rings as both men continue to trade strikes.

    J.R.: King, Seth Rollins has proven time and time again that he is a fighting champion and I believe tonight we will all find out just how much fight is in this champion!

    King: You’re right, J.R. Seth has been a fighting champion but I do not think he will get the job done here tonight!

    Lesnar overpowers Rollins with a single push and gains the upper hand. Lesnar grabs hold of Rollins in a front face lock and drives hard knees into the chest and stomach area of Rollins before sending him flying across the ring.

    Lesnar stands in the corner laughing as Rollins looks up at him in agony. Rollins tries to gain offence but Lesnar catches him out and spear tackles him into the corner. He drives a shoulder into Rollins and goes for a second attempt but Rollins leap frogs over Lesnar.

    Rollins fires away with right hands in the corner and is pushed off by Lesnar. Early Avada Kedavra attempt by Rollins is countered into and F-5 attempt but Rollin’s slides out and connects with a dropkick to the back sending Lesnar to the outside through the second rope. The crowd is hot for Rollins.

    Vince McMahon is screaming at Lesnar to get back in the ring. Rollins goes through the ropes with a beautiful suicide dive on Lesnar and lands on his feet. The fans are going nuts!

    Vince McMahon tries distracting Rollins long enough for Lesnar to regroup and when Seth Rollins turns his attention back to Lesnar he is greeted with a massive clothesline on the outside that drives the wind out him. Lesnar jaws with the fans for a few moments before send Rollins back into the ring. Cover by Lesnar, 1…2...Rollins kicks out.

    Lesnar pulls Rollins up by his arm and holds him into a belly to belly position but Rollins head-butts his way out. Rollins off of the ropes is caught again in a belly to belly position. Lesnar sends Rollins over the top rope with a belly to belly suplex and the fans are in awe! A Holy-Sh*t chant echoes through the arena.

    J.R.: Oh my King! What did we just see?

    King: He’s dead J.R., he’s gotta be dead!

    A sick smile crosses Brock Lesnar's face as Rollins is writhing in pain. Lesnar slowly makes his way to the outside. He high-fives Vince McMahon and this drives the fans nuts! Lesnar looks up at the fans and laughs as they boo him. The referee is out of the ring checking on Rollins and is shoved out of the way by Lesnar.

    Lesnar pulls Rollins up by his hair and hoists him up over his shoulder. He looks as if he is going to sit him on the apron but instead he spears Rollins straight into the ring steps.

    J.R.: Good God almighty, this is a mauling, King!

    King: I told you, J.R., tonight’s the night Rollins will lose the gold!

    Lesnar paces around the ring as Rollins lies on the outside in extreme pain. Lesnar methodically crawls back into the ring and stands in the corner. Vince McMahon impatiently tosses Rollins back into the ring and receives a warning from the referee for touching Rollins.

    Cover by Lesnar, 1…2 – Rollins barely kicks out. The fans are getting behind Rollins hoping he can find a way to get back into this match.

    Bear hug by Lesnar is firmly locked in. Rollins shouts in agony as he tries to find a way out of the hold. Rollins drives his thumb into the eye of Lesnar until he lets go of the hold. A sluggish right hand by Rollins knocks Lesnar back.

    Lesnar catches Rollins off guard with a double-leg takedown and drives rights and lefts directly to the face of Rollins. The referee interjects himself and manages to stop the assault by Lesnar. Lesnar irate with the official back him up into the corner shouting like a madman. Schoolboy by Rollins, 1…2 – Lesnar kicks out.

    J.R.: That’s the thing about Rollins; you can bet your ass this kid will never give up!

    Lesnar hurries back up and Rollins charges at him and gets thrown over the top rope by Lesnar but holds on to the top rope. Lesnar knocks Rollins off of the apron and into the announcers' table with a hard shoulder. Lesnar to the outside, grabs hold off Rollins tights and tries to throw him over the announcers table but Rollins uses Lesnar's own momentum against him to throw Lesnar over the announcers table.

    Rollins takes a few moments to catch his breath and then dives over the announcers table to take out Lesnar. The fans are right behind Rollins. Rollins takes Lesnar and throws him back into the ring.

    Lesnar gets back up to one knee and Rollins hits the Avada Kedavra! Cover by Rollins, 1…2... Lesnar kicks out! Vince McMahon is sweating bullets on the outside as he grabs his chest in relief.

    Rollins sluggishly sets up Brock for the Phoenix Splash but is really slow getting up and Brock rushes up with a belly to belly suplex attempt off of the top rope but Rollins holds onto the ropes and Lesnar falls back down onto his back. Phoenix Splash connects by Rollins, 1…2...Vince McMahon pulls out the referee and decks him.

    Rollins goes to the outside and grabs hold of Vince McMahon’s suit. He teases a right hand but a man in street clothes hops the barricade and smashes a lead pipe against the back of Rollins’ skull. The man is Kassius Ohno.

    Ohno tosses Rollins into the ring and blood is pouring out of the back of Rollins’ head. Lesnar lifts up Rollins, F-5! Cover by Lesnar, 1…2…3! (18:23)

    Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar!

    Vince McMahon and the rest of The Federation members pile into the ring to celebrate the win with the new champion. The doctors are with Rollins as we go off the air.


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    Well, that was our show! I hope you liked it.

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